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Just wanted to wish all those leaving to France for Tour....(7 posts)

Just wanted to wish all those leaving to France for Tour....abicirider
Jun 30, 2003 5:07 AM
Just wanted to wish the best of time for all of those so very lucky people that are leaving to go watch the Tour, hope you guys and gals have a super great time and please please take a lot of pictures that you can post when you get back, and make sure you tell Lance and the rest of the Tour riders hey for me lol, anyways everybody have a great and safe trip and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!!
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
I second that !CARBON110
Jun 30, 2003 5:22 AM
Have a great time people...we will be anticipating those pics of the Mtn stages especially.....and podium girls of course :D

Abici I will be back in NC on July 12th. Wanna come to Asheville the following weekend? I did 114 miles on my 3 month anniversary of my accident! I was pumped. Anyway, I wll be taking it easy for the next month or so trying to build up to the Green Mtn Stage Race. I was thinking if you don't want to come to Asheville I will come out your way. But I would encourage Asheville...hope things are going your way

Going on my Honeymoon! How cool is that....uksrfr
Jun 30, 2003 10:38 AM
yep, I got lucky, going to see the tour in the Pyrenees while in Barcelona, then off to paris, to catch the finish. can't wait, the wedding is going to be nice too...
re: Thanks, spent the day packing.teoteoteo
Jun 30, 2003 1:56 PM
What a chore day I had today. Bike is boxed and all my bags are packed. I checklist after checklist. I am a big stressful mess but excited for the rides I have upcoming.

I should come home with some great pics and what not. Looking forward to meeting Phillipe and the RBR etape crew if time allows.

Submitted my first journal to today. Mostly it serves as an intro to what I'll be trying to bring to the coverage. Everything should go live July 3-4. I have what I think are some pretty solid stories to chase, but will keep those quiet a little longer as I don't want any original idea's stolen.

Once I have solid footing in France I may open my coverage to more suggestions from readers. I am afraid to offer that upfront and not be able to answer e mails due to time constraints.
Hope to see you therems
Jul 1, 2003 4:39 AM
I will be staying in the same place as Philippe before the Etape, so I think that the best way to coordinate something around the Etape is through Philippe. I will be in Toulouse from July 17-20. I am staying with the inlaws of the friend with whom I am traveling. I don't know all of the details (i.e., the address or phone number). If you will be in Toulouse then, let me know how to get in touch. I will be in the US until July 10 so you can email me ( I haven't decided yet if I am taking a laptop to France and whether I will be in email contact after July 10.
My Hotel/conatct around Etapeteoteoteo
Jul 1, 2003 5:13 AM
I will be in Lourdes from 17th through 22nd. I will be at the Grand Hotel de la Grotte and the reservation is under Veloechappe but the room should be in my name.

Hotel Phone is 33 5 62 94 58 87

I should have cell also BUT don't know number yet as they will be handed out in France....
Thanks -- will try to connect up --
Jul 1, 2003 5:32 AM