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Advice sought in new bike purchase....(12 posts)

Advice sought in new bike purchase....FearNo1
Jun 28, 2003 1:34 PM
I am wondering how much a warranty on a frame is really worth and what your opinion is upon the subject and if it should be a deciding factor in a new purchase. The LBS's where I live are willing to sell a particular model (Trek 5200) for around $2500 but I have found on Ebay stores the same model, brand new for $2125. After taxes around where I live (Chicago) the total cost will be $2719 with taxes being so high. Should I save the extra few hundred or is the Trek warranty really worth it? I have had the fitting done already so I know the size and I am totally impressed with the carbon fiber so the bike itself is not an issue. The Ebay seller is a power seller with impressive ratings along with being rated by Square Trader. Any advice is needed. Thanks in advance for providing some assistance!!!
never had a warranty claim....C-40
Jun 28, 2003 2:35 PM
I've been riding seriously since 1985 and owned 10 new bikes in that time. Never had a frame failure. I took the risk of buying my latest Colnago C-40 frame without a warranty. Saved a lot of money and the warranty period has expired with no problems.

Personally, I'd take the risk. I've never read Trek's warranty requirements. I assume that the seller is not an "authorized dealer" so there is no warranty. That's the story with Colnago frames, if not purchased from an authorized dealer. The Trek OCLV frames are not trouble free, but I doubt there is any frame model that someone has not had a problem with.
never had a warranty claim....FearNo1
Jun 28, 2003 2:46 PM
Thank you for the information. I am deciding to take your route as well. I will be saving over $600 from purchasing from an unauthorized seller. I may use that to put it to newer riding gear.
Thanks again!
never had a warranty claim....russw19
Jun 28, 2003 9:19 PM
OK, I can't really tell you this... so I didn't!

But if you have to claim the warranty on the frame.. take it to a dealer and tell them you bought it in another state..... NEVER EVER tell them you bought it on ebay. And if you are not the original owner, NEVER EVER admit that either. Chances are, the shop won't care. If you brought a bike to me at the shop I work at, I wouldn't care if you didn't buy it from me for the warranty claim, but I would charge you labor to strip it to ship and to box it up, and I would charge you to rebuild it when we got it back. If you bought it from me, I wouldn't charge you for that.. but if you got it somewhere else... well, I am in business and still need to feed myself and my employees (this is hypothetical, and I don't own the shop I work at... just giving it to you straight)

On an unrelated note.. if there is a shop selling Trek's on ebay and not a single individual... tell them to keep a very low profile.. that is tops on Trek's to do list for their dealers... they really want to stomp out shops selling online and will close dealerships if they catch em or someone else complains. That's what I was told by my Fisher/Lemond rep.

32 years and no warranty claims . . .Look381i
Jun 29, 2003 2:41 AM
for about eight frames and seven different manufacturers, but none a Trek. A $600 savings will go a long way toward a repair.

I have several friends with Trek carbon frames. One is the dealer. Most have had at least one warranty claim; one guys has had the frame replaced or repaired three times.
2 centsfiltersweep
Jun 29, 2003 5:50 AM
Most 5200s should be cheaper than $2500 this time of year, and if you live in chicagoland, you certainly have several options for LBSes. Usually "last year's model" will sell for around $2000.

There really is no such thing as a "brand new" 5200 for sale on ebay- I just did a search and most used are selling around $2000. Add shipping and some of these will increase by $60 if they are professionally boxed and shipped- and if not, god help you!

I'd pay a few hundred NOT because you want a warranty, but because you will actually see and feel the bike you purchase prior to buying it. Ebay has its own risks, and Treks are over-priced on ebay- I know because I sold mine for what a discerning shopper could have paid for NEW in an LBS... and it had several thousand miles on it. One man's "excellent condition" is another man's "been run over by a bus."

I'd find a cheaper shop- Treks should not be selling for full MSRP this time of year.
Agreed, this is what I did.DERICK
Jun 30, 2003 6:40 AM
In 2000 I purchased a new C-dale Mountain bike. The local shop wouldn't budge on the price so I went home and did a search for all dealers within 150 miles of me. I called them and asked for their best price if I were to walk in and buy it. I let them know that I knew exactly what I wanted and all they had to do was order it for me.

I ended up saving several hundred dollars on the bike. The shop was also in a different state so when it came in they shipped it to me and I was able to avoid sales tax.
re: Advice sought in new bike purchase....gothik
Jun 29, 2003 8:35 AM

Yes Treks warranty is well worth it. I had to use the warranty for my AXO. It was amazing the customer support they gave. Four weeks turn around time, and 172.00 later and I have a new bike.

I hope this helps,
Hard for others to answer what it's worth.djg
Jun 29, 2003 10:53 AM
I've never had a warranty claim and I wouldn't pay much for a warranty. But a warranty is a sort of insurance policy, and what it's worth is partly an objective matter (the expected value of a company's promise to replace your frame, should it break under certain conditions, is a function of the value of the payoff--declining over time--and the odds of your collecting) and partly a subjective matter (how risk averse you are). Bikes, especially bikes that are not stupid light, do not tend to fall apart in normal use. Most folks don't collect on warranties. But stuff happens. Because I don't expect to collect on a warranty, and because I'm relatively risk neutral at the level of a bike (betting wrong won't ruin my life or even keep me from getting another bike) I'm not willing to pay much for a warranty. If I were different, I might be willing to pay more.
Hard for others to answer what it's worth.boyd2
Jun 30, 2003 4:45 AM
I once warrantied a Specialized MTB and was really pleased with the service. I bought the bike on a Pro Deal when I had worked at a shop a few years before. I took it to another shop closer to my new home and they never asked me or cared where I bought it from.
The Trek warranty is realSteve Bailey
Jun 30, 2003 4:49 AM
In '96 my Klein developed sweat induced corrosion along the top tube cable guides. Klein credited me $425 towards a new frame, which ended up costing me $550 ($975 at the time for a new Quantum frame).

This same frame had the seat post binder clamp break this past March, 16000 miles later. Trek - now owning Klein, warranted and credited this frame for $750. That's a deal.

I hedged my bets before I heard from Trek, which took about a month and purchased a Colorado Cyclist/Douglas Titanium frame, while they still had the '02's in a 56 available, but ended up getting a Lemond Titanium, could have gone Trek or Klein also. The warranty on the Douglas was 5 years. The Lemond is lifetime.

Trek is reputed to have the best warranty in the business. They needed it early on with all the teething problems with the OCLV frames, but it ends up being worth it.

re: Advice sought in new bike purchase....NEIL
Jul 1, 2003 9:36 AM
It is some extra money, but it may be well spent insurance. Many years back, my Cannondale mt. bike frame broke in half. The head tube ripped off from the top and down tube, just riding along, no crash....we'll, the crash happend afterwards of course. I went back to the shop I bought it from and Cannondale replaced it no charge. I even specified the color and size I wanted.

A few weeks ago, my father noticed a hairline crack on both sides of the dropout of his 12-year old steel Fuji Team. Who knows how long this had been there, but unsafe to say the least. He went back the same dealer, then a couple weeks later, he had a new steel Fuji Roubaix Pro frame in a box, carbon fork, headset and everything. Replaced, free of charge, no questions asked. Now that is pretty cool.

We both also own Trek carbons and I must say that if anything unforseen should ever happen to it, that limetime warranty is mighty comforting. I also own an old-school Tommasini, and if I had a problem with that, I think things would far more complicated.