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Anyone actually buy anything at High G#@r Cyclery in NJ??(9 posts)

Anyone actually buy anything at High G#@r Cyclery in NJ??newridr
Jun 27, 2003 7:09 PM
I was just wondering if anyone on this board actually supported this shop. I've been in there on various occasions to try and make some minor and major purchases and have noticed a gross mark up on almost everything in there? One of the things I've noticed is what I call the High G#@r $5.00 mark-up. Most misc items have a $5.00 mark-up over MSRP. This goes for pumps, camelbaks, clothes, you name it. What's the value add on a pump or a camlebak that justifies the extra $$??

As for bikes, they are well above MSRP on almost all models and won't budge on price. Anyone else know the shop I'm talking about and care to share experiences?

Just curious as to whether or not anyone actually supports this shop and why.
re: Anyone actually buy anything at High G#@r Cyclery in NJ??CritLover
Jun 27, 2003 9:07 PM
Having recently moved to the area, I have been in there for several small purchases (under $20). They are a great group of guys who don't care what the price is in another store, online, or the newest catalog. They do nothing for free, and that is why they have the most beautiful bike store I have ever seen! And they usually have 5-8 people working there daily during the summer-it's crazy busy in that place!

The average house selling in the area is conservatively 1/2 a mil and up, the cars $40,000 and up, and even the damn supermarkets are pricey, so why wouldn't they be willing to pay a couple of bucks more for their Zipps (404's listed at around $1400), Navigators jersey (they sponsor the team) or Trek (FYI- they do not sell any "foreign" bikes- I know they're made in Asia, but I mean Italian, French, or otherwise). It does suck for those of us that actually look at prices, but it's good business for them - they cater to their clientele and make lots of dough.

Either way, they don't have my business, but I do stop in occasionally to ask questions and buy a Gatorade.
re: Anyone actually buy anything at High G#@r Cyclery in NJ??merckxman
Jun 28, 2003 4:51 AM
Most of the wrenching takes place upstairs so the guys you see downstairs are just part of the entire crew. That building was a firehouse (or rescue squad or something like that) and the owners made the plunge to create one of the most visually attractive stores in NJ.
re: Anyone actually buy anything at High G#@r Cyclery in NJ??pumpkin
Jun 28, 2003 5:39 AM
Crit Lover is right.
Any of the shops located in "Big-Money" areas are gonna be expensive. That's one way how they pay the rent.
High-Gear recently moved from a smaller store down the road to this larger, more elaborate location.
To their credit, the several times I've shopped there, I've been treated courteously and well.
Prices, as in most high end shops in N.J., are higher.
Brielle Cyclery is another example. Recently expanded, their prices for certain items are outrageous.
Totally right - that area is BIG $$$!!!2melow
Jun 28, 2003 6:07 PM
I grew up 2 miles up the road in Basking Ridge (right across from Stonehouse Quarry for those that know the area) and the the average houses for sale in that area are like $ least that is what my parents sold their house for a few years ago and it wasn't anything special.

Stupid expensive, and they know the people there don't blink when they write checks for their Mercedes, BMW's, etc. High Gear has a bunch of good guys - I remember Dusty and Craig were two cool cats.
you're killing me!!bicycle268
Jun 29, 2003 3:31 PM
I'm currently renting in Chatham (another over the top $$ town) and am searching for a house in the Basking Ridge/Long Hill region. A good deal of the houses there are super expensive but I'm holding out hope that I find a nice fix-er-up'er at a reasonable price. I guess it won't be your parents house!

BTW- I hate that quarry. Those trucks always leave the shoulder filled with jagged rocks!!
not often but I ride by the shop every day- pretty store! (nm)bicycle268
Jun 28, 2003 5:55 AM
re: Anyone actually buy anything at High G#@r Cyclery in NJ??Pjkad
Jun 28, 2003 9:30 AM
I bought my Seven there and let them service it (for which I get lifetime tuneups). I should for what I paid for the bike. They are friendly, very knowledgable, and expensive. They handled a warranty issue on my stem, without hesitation. In marketing terms the place is "high touch" and you pay premium price for that kind of service. If you just want supplies and don't need their attention its not smart to buy there.
Jun 28, 2003 6:15 PM
They are my LBS. I don't usually buy accessories there, but I have bought 3 bikes there- the last of which was a Trek Liquid. I don't know where you people are getting "the bikes are marked above MSRP", because the Liquid 20 MSRP is $2199, and they have them marked for $1999, and I got mine for...well, less, being a loyal customer.

With very few exceptions, the guys at High Gear are all great, highly knowledgable, and experienced riders. You can't go wrong with High Gear IMHO. When it comes to getting fitted for/choosing/buying a bike, the guys at High Gear are great. And as for service, the are THE BEST (if you bought the bike there, of course.)