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tufo rim tape? I cant get it off! AHHHHHH(2 posts)

tufo rim tape? I cant get it off! AHHHHHHrrjc5488
Jun 27, 2003 8:48 AM
How do i get this stuff off? I took the tire off, and the tape stayed on, and i want to go back to glue, (tape wasnt bad, just preference) but its still on the rim, and im trying to get it off, but it wont. I dont want to scrape it off in fear of damaging the rim. I've used goo-gone, that didnt work, so i tried isopropyl alcohol, and that didnt take it off either. help please!
you should try goof-offslomo
Jun 27, 2003 9:03 AM
you mentioned goo-gone adhesive remover but goof off is the nasty high strength stuff. it's supposed to remove latex paint, tar, etc... use a respirator if you use it or outdoors cause the fumes are potent. its OK to use this stuff on zipp carbon rims. they actually mention it on their tech site.

in the interest of the environment i used finish line citrus degreaser. it took a while to get off but it worked. let it soak in and soften up. scrape the majority of the tape off with a plastic utensil. repeat.

laquer paint thinner may work as well but i have never tried it.

good luck