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Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbs(9 posts)

Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbsjoker sl
Jun 26, 2003 11:28 AM
I have a choice to choose from these two bikes new. I have already disgaurded the cannondale R-1000( to expensive for group set) and the new giant carbon(weak cosmo wheels). I an 6'4" and weigh 200-210lbs. Both bikes have almost exactly the same parts. I want a bike that will be stiff enough for a big rider like me and don't quite know how the steel will hold up. The Klein is shure to be stiffer, but I don't know how I'll like the compact frame as I have never ridden one before. My last bike was a 97 Trek 5200 62cm which I sold 2 years ago. I liked the geometry of that bike. I ride 40-80 mi weekend rides and 20-30mi a couple times a week. I don't race, but may next year a little bit. I prefer centuries to crits. Please help
re: Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbst0adman
Jun 26, 2003 11:40 AM
I'm 6'3" and about 210 (and dropping). I can't say anything about the Klein but I just got a 2002 Lemond Zurich 62cm and I'm very happy. I think it's plenty stiff enough but forgiving at the same time. It absorbs the rough city roads very well but remains fast and responsive. I'm still getting used to the geometry. It has me considerably more stretched out than my last bike, which isn't say much because it was too small for me. I recommend it, except for the brutal saddle.
re: Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbs03Vortex
Jun 26, 2003 11:44 AM
Have had a Zurich since '97 and love it (although just purchased a LS titanium this year). Have never ridden carbon so can't say there. The steel ride is fine. Of course, also depends which fits you better.
re: Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbsnicholasdunford
Jun 26, 2003 12:01 PM
I am only 6'2" and 170lbs. but I love my 2003 Zurich.
bad paint job compared to klein!!!joker sl
Jun 26, 2003 12:08 PM
too bad it doesn't have the buenos Aires paint job, Eh?
re: Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbsmja
Jun 26, 2003 1:51 PM
You're a bug guy: I suspect that you will "bend" the Zurich. Go with aluminium for stiffness!
Loved my Zurich at 245 lbs and still love it at 195 lbs.Ken of Fresno
Jun 26, 2003 4:06 PM
I would'nt worry about stiffness. Unless you are a sprinter with seriously HUGE thighs the Zurich will be more than good enough. Because of the smooth ride, I find myself wanting to ride more and more. Regardless of material, that's the kind of bike you want. The Kleins do look prettier, but looks aren't everything. If you like the fit of the zurich (as I do), I'd say go for it.

re: Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbsSteve Bailey
Jun 27, 2003 5:08 AM
I'm 220 or so and just switched from a Klein Quantum to a Lemond Victorie Ti. I also ride a steel Heron Road.

The Klein was a tad siffer in the b-bracket, but not something that's an issue as it's still plenty stiff and responsive.

The Victorie IS a stiffer and quicker accelerating bike then the Heron though, and would speculate that the Lemond steel would also have a bit more flex in the b-bracket then the Klein. A larger frame will also have somewhat more give to it as well, so it's something to consider.

I did numerous centuries on my Klein (and the Quantum I had before this one) and never felt hammered by aluminum, but I chalk that up to Klein being superb frames.

It's a tough call and woulds say that you would be just fine on whatever fits and feels best.

Steve B.
re: Klein Q-carbon team or LeMond Zurich? 6'4"+210lbsrkalik
Jun 27, 2003 8:46 AM
I just bought the Klein QCarbon, and love the frame/ride. It's defintely more plush due in part to the carbon rear stays, which I like. I went for the basic model (vs the Race or Team) and upgraded the wheelset to the Mavic SSC SL's and I upgraded the stem and bar set to the new Bontrager Race Lite. And, the bike is extremely light, less then 19 lbs for the price point is pretty good.

This is not as important in your final decision, but the bike acutally stops traffic! People ask me about it all the time, due to the cool paint job. Mine is Reef to Blue.

Good luck, go Klein!