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OTR Bike for Long Torso(3 posts)

OTR Bike for Long TorsoGene K
Jun 25, 2003 9:35 AM
My measurements are Height-187cm, Inseam-82cm, Reach-62cm. 11.5 US Shoe Size. Flexibility is a 8 (fingers flat on floor but not palms with knees locked).

In theory this means I need a 55cm frame but a total reach (TTL+Stem) of 172cm with a seat height of 72.4 cm or 69.4cm with clipless peddles. Needless to say not very doable with a reasonable stem length on a off the rack bike.

82cm step over height gives me 2cm clearance under tires when wearing cycling shoes if I lift both ends of the bike. I think this is about as high a SO as I would be comfortable with.

I'm thinking of going with a Airborne Thunderbolt (Same Geometry as Zeppelin) in 60cm which will give me a 71.7cm total reach with a 120cm stem and a SO of 81cm.

The only concern might be seat height will be getting pretty close to the Seat Tube Length. What is the minimum difference you can get away with between STL and SH?

Might end up just breaking down and getting a custom Zeppelin ($400 option).

re: Oops! ForgotGene K
Jun 25, 2003 10:30 AM
Also how does seat tube angle play into reach? The formula I used for total reach doesn't take into consideration seat tube angle just TTL and stem length.

As you can tell this is my first real road bike.
Consider compact geometryjtolleson
Jun 25, 2003 10:46 AM
If my calculations are right, you are 6'1" but only an 82 cm cycling inseam. I don't see how you can possibly ride a 60 cm frame! You need to have less standover but keep the TT length you need (and not have the bars way down).

Check out compact frames. They give you the lower standover without sacrificing TT length.