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MTB pedals or Road shoes & pedals?(5 posts)

MTB pedals or Road shoes & pedals?Jeff Rage
Jun 24, 2003 7:00 PM
I primarily Mtn bike, but plan to some road riding. I am trying to decide about pedals. I could get the same type of pedals I have on my Mtn bike for $60 and could use my Mtn bike shoes. Or I could buy road shoes & road pedals. Which would be better? I would want to keep it under $100.

I could swap my pedals back and forth, but I think that would be a pain & maybe not good for them.
... there may be no reason to switch...Akirasho
Jun 24, 2003 8:45 PM
... depending on your riding style and type... you may not have to switch at all...

My first clipless were 747's... and when I went to a road bike, economics and logistics kept me with these pedals and Sidi D2 shoes... Today, while I also use LOOK, I still use these pedals on several road machines... including a TT bike.

An argument could be made that a MTB shoe's sole is not as stiff as a comparable road... but this is not an issue for many riders... use your $100 and get a second set of wheels.

Be the bike.
re: MTB pedals or Road shoes & pedals?nicholasdunford
Jun 24, 2003 9:07 PM
Switch your pedals between your bikes until you know what you want. You might be happy with MTB pedals on your bike, but most likely if you ride a lot you'll want to go road. Either way you won't loose any money because you waited until you were sure.
Invest in shoes!rockbender
Jun 24, 2003 9:22 PM
While I am currently running two different sets of pedals and shoes, my CX, mtb, and fixie all have Time mtb pedals that seem to work great for any length of ride. The big thing to look for here is just getting a good stiff shoe, such as Sidi's or higher end Shimano's. If you prefer a flexible shoe on your mountain bike, you might find it practical to get road shoes. If you run a high end shoe, like the carbon soled shimano's, I would stick with the SPD's. I have several friends that are very happy with M220/M221's and SPD's on all their rides - no hot spots.

I guess my bottom line advice would be to get another set of MTB pedals for now, and then perhaps get another set of solid MTB shoes... that way you always have a dry pair too if you find yourself in wet conditions.

Another poster recommended swapping pedals for awhile - this might be good advice to make sure that you are happy with this system on the road. Keep in mind that you don't have to put gorilla torque on your pedals when installing them, and it shouldn't take too long to spin them on and off for a week or two.
Won't hurt pedals...biknben
Jun 25, 2003 3:57 AM
You can swap pedals as much as you want. Nothing will happen to them.

I wouldn't recommend spilling the beans for ROAD shoes and pedals until you've done more road riding. You're MTB pedals and shoes are fine for teh road. I run Sidi MTB shoes on my commuter and can't tell a difference from my Sidi road shoes.

If you can get the mtb pedals for $60, I'd go for it. Although swapping pedals isn't a big deal, it just adds to the pre-ride prep hassle. It will get old fast.

Save your money for road shoes and pedals in the future. Let road riding move up the list of priorities before you spill the beans. If you have to skimp on quality to afford them now, you'll end up with crappy stuff that is no better than MTB stuff anyway.