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Route Sheet/Map software question(8 posts)

Route Sheet/Map software questionheckman
Jun 24, 2003 6:26 PM
Does anyone use Microsoft Streets & Trips for making up route sheets and maps? How does it do? Any gotchas I should look out for before purchasing it? It's on sale at the local computer store and I'm thinking about buying it. Is there any other software that anyone uses for this purpose? Thanks for all of your help

Good for the price...TFerguson
Jun 24, 2003 6:56 PM
The only problem I have run into is that you can't just draw out a route. You can only pick points and have it make the route.

For instance, I tried to do one route where the street ends and we go on a bike path for about 60 feet and then the street starts again. Streets and Tips won't go on the bike path and draws an elaborate route around it on the streets.

On another, the road has been changed recently and the software doesn't reflect the change. I want to show the road ending on the existing low-trafic road but the software insists that you have to go on a very busy road first.

But for $20, you can't come close. If it gets it right the cue sheets are excellent.

Thanks for the feedback (nm)heckman
Jun 25, 2003 2:40 AM
Delorme Topo USAAllUpHill
Jun 24, 2003 7:06 PM
You can plot out out any route you wish. It calculates the distance and can generate elevation profiles and data such as climbing elevation, net elevation gain, average grade, etc. etc. Even renders manipulable 3D views.

Reasonably priced and a fairly good user interface. I've never used the MS program but I doubt it has the topographical data.

To see maps and profiles generated in Topo, check out, the site with local ride routes I put together for my skool's team.
wow! super cool!Drone 5200
Jun 24, 2003 8:23 PM
looks like they're selling v. 4.0 now.
A little pricey for my budgetheckman
Jun 25, 2003 2:47 AM
at $80 (on sale), but the sheets look good.
I use it all the timeScot_Gore
Jun 24, 2003 7:16 PM
It was made for auto trip tickets, but does a OK job at bike routes. As the previous poster said it will only go on roads and can't recognize paths or a sidewalk cut across.

I use the measure distance tool to mark non-road legs of a route. You can draw a route with the tool, but it won't build any route description for that part of course.

I've had pretty good luck at it picking bike friendly routes in unfamialar cities by setting my references to "Like" 2ndary roads and "Dislike" everything else.

I wish it would do broken leg routes (2 disconnected routes on the same map) but it won't.

Get it, I've got my moneys worth. It's often got a rebate, so if it's on sale it may be getting close to free.

Thanks for your feedbackheckman
Jun 25, 2003 2:43 AM
This is exactly the kind of information that I was hoping for.