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Campy ErgoBrain trouble. Fixed!(1 post)

Campy ErgoBrain trouble. Fixed!purplepaul
Jun 24, 2003 12:13 PM
I drove out to PA on Saturday to pick up my new bike but had asked the builder to leave some things unfinished so I could watch him while he did them. Anyway, he left the installation of the ErgoBrain for last. Thus, we found out a bit too late that the buttons on the hoods didn't work very well. Took lots of presses to get the computer to respond.

After a while of tinkering with it, it became clear that I was not going home with my new baby that day. The builder ordered a new one, which arrived today. You got it: same problem. So he called Campagnolo for help. They had no clue. None whatsoever. "Just send it back," was all they could advise. So, he took the levers apart and eventually realized that the very, very fine wire that is supposed to be contacted when you press a button was about 1/10,000th of an inch out of line. So, instead of contacting the wire, the button was shorting out. He moved the wire and epoxied it in place. Viola! No more problems.

But I've got to wait until tomorrow to take another trip out there to get the bike.

Just thought someone might find this helpful.