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Nail Polish(4 posts)

Nail Polishstan_b
Jun 24, 2003 7:55 AM
My LBS suggested I use this to cover multiple areas of paint chipping. My new Jamis Eclipse is red so I found a fairly close color. Every time I look at it, more chips.

Does anyone else do this? Is nail polish possibly bad for a steel frame?

It seems to adhere pretty well. I use a second coat which seems to seal the area pretty well.
it sucks, use autobody paint, you can get small patch bottlesclimbo
Jun 24, 2003 8:05 AM
in all colours from Autozone or Pepboys etc. i did it with a nice fire engine red on my fixed gear and it works great. Nail polish is too thick, several coats of a proper auto paint works great.
I agree..Dave Hickey
Jun 24, 2003 10:34 AM
My local Autozone has 5 or 6 differnt shades of red.
works great, been using it for years.Silverback
Jun 24, 2003 8:07 AM
I can't find a match for my current bike (sort of an off-celeste not-quite-Bianchi), but I've used it in other colors for more than 20 years. No problems, and it fills little chips and nicks nicely.
If you find a big discount drugstore near a junior high school, you'll be able to sort through a couple of hundred colors....