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Calling all Campy triple users(11 posts)

Calling all Campy triple usersDY
Jun 23, 2003 6:17 PM
I'm curious to know if the center line to crank arm distance is the same for the drive side and the non-drive side. (basically are both crank arms the same distance appart)

Can any Record triple or Centaur triple users let me know?
Also does anyone know if the distance is narrower with Record or Centaur?

Eh?Downhill deux mille
Jun 24, 2003 2:13 AM
If you mean are they both the same distance from the centre of the BB - depends on your BB length, which will depend on the geo of your bike frame. I have 2 Centauar and Athena - one is and one isn't. Dunno about Record.
should be the same...C-40
Jun 24, 2003 4:30 AM
I've never seen a crank where the arms (at the pedals) are not the same distance from the center of the downtube. The arms should be centered if the frame is built correctly and the BB spindle length is correct.

I have and FSA triple (with campy 10). The Q-factor is 160mm, compared to 150mm for an FSA double. I use both a campy record double and the FSA triple and haven't noticed the difference when I change between the two.

I dislike Campy's 53/42/30 chainring combo. It requires a 3-4 cog shift to resume a uniform progression after making the 30-42 shift. The 30-39 requires the same 2-cog shift as the 53-39.
should be the same...DY
Jun 24, 2003 9:35 AM
The reason I'm asking is because I have a Mountain bike where the drive side is about 15 mm more than the non-drive side. (Fisher, Deore). I din't want that if I go to a triple on the road. I have a Chorus 53/39 now. I measured the distance from the center line to the outside of the crank arm. I get 74mm on each side.

The Campy website talks about perfect symmetry with the Record triple and this makes me wonder does the Centaur triple not have perfect symmetry? It's a little confusing considering the fact that different BB must be used for the triple, some asymmetrical as well?

Just wondering if there was anyone out there with some triple cranks installed that could comment.

I also don't like the Campy 53/42/30, but I'm still not prepared to stray in Taiwanese waters. I'm going to just order the arms from Branford and then order the rings I want.

bad idea...C-40
Jun 24, 2003 9:55 AM
Campy chainrings are ramped and pinned to work in sets. Placing a 39 in between a 53 and a 30 that were intended to work with a 42, won't shift properly. Just how poorly it will work, I can't say, but I wasn't willing to spend a lot of money on a campy crank and end up with something that shifted poorly. That's why I got the FSA.

The Dura Ace triple crank (53/39/30) and BB would be another option, but as most folks know, the DA crank will be totally different next year. The DA BB will not live for long.
I think it is a good idea........actuallyDY
Jun 24, 2003 12:13 PM
I'm using a 10s 53t and 39t that are made to work together.

Everywhere that I've read says that lift pins aren't necessary on chainrings that are 10 teeth or less apart. I'm going with a 30t inner. What happened in the days before lift pins? Of course it will shift....maybe just a 10th of a second slower.

I'm not racing on this bike anyway. I'm gonna try it.

I think what is of paramount importance is chainring separation. The 10s' rings are closer than 9s because of the chain width. It's only 0.4mm but I guess it is important enough that Campy did it. With this set-up I'll have that.
let us know how it works...C-40
Jun 24, 2003 12:27 PM
I agree that using a matched 53/39 and a 30 from the triple will be likely to produce the best results.

The little to middle ring upshift is usually the most difficult. I've found that is takes a fairly slow, full sweep of the ergo lever to make this shift go smoothly with the FSA crank. I tried a real quick full sweep of the lever and often the shift would not go off smoothly.

The 53/39 shift always works perfectly, up or down.
let us know how it works...DY
Jun 24, 2003 1:29 PM
Well I figure that only one of the possible shift combos could cause a problem.....the upshift from 30 to 39.

I don't think that it will be that critical as I hope I won't be using that 30t gear too much. It will probably just take an extra spin of the crank without the pins to help it up.

The reason I wanted to know if the Centaur was also symmetrical is because I imagined trying it with Cenbtaur first before I spent a lot on the Record. I still haven't heard if the Centaur triple is symmetrical.

I'll let you know how it works.
should be the same...Rob Sal
Jun 24, 2003 11:21 AM
I have just measured my Record triple set up and it is symetrical.

Bear in mind with Campag front Ergos, they are not indexed like Shimano. Perhaps when you have only one click to shift up a ring matching rings may be important but Campags way allows you to get away with non matching rings so if 53/42/30 or 50/40/30 don't suit then try sticking a TA 39T in the middle.
not quite...C-40
Jun 24, 2003 12:19 PM
The matching rings insure a smooth shift and have nothing to do with the ability to position the derailleur. When the pin locations match properly, the shifting is supposed to be smoother and quicker.

If it was me, I'd get a 53 and 39 that are properly matched and try the 30 from a triple. The 53/39 shift is used a lot more. Placing a 39 tooth ring that is not pinned to work with the Campy 53 or 30 would probably degrade all of the shifts.
not quite...Rob Sal
Jun 25, 2003 9:28 AM
I didn't say or mean that matching rings affect the mech position, I meant that matched rings may be of use/essential when your Shimano system only uses one click from one ring to the other as there must be a limit to how the mech can be positioned to ensure a decent shift whilst also not rubbing the chain whilst normally pedalling (as far as I know Shimano front mechs can't be feathered using STI) so perhaps ramps and pins help out somehow. Where as Campag of course is not indexed at the front so doesn't need to be so accurate as you can personally control the amount the mech moves. Putting matched rings on my C Record cranks didn't make that much difference, and any possible slight degrade of shifts is probably worth putting up with if you prefer 53/39/30 over the stock item.

Whilst on the subject, my