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Mich. Axial Pro rant(15 posts)

Mich. Axial Pro rantStruggle
Jun 23, 2003 6:01 PM
I went for a ride tonight. A 22 mile spin and 8.5 miles out the tire blows (rear). I check the wheel no cuts looks good and ready to change the tire. Pulling the tire off I notice the sidewall has seperated at the belt that would sit on the rim. The tire came out that slit and pinch flatted I guess on the side of the rim. These tires do not seem to hold up well. I was able to walk to a farm house where I know the people and got home via their truck. It ticks me off to have spent 40 bones each on these tires and they do this. I had Conti sport 1000s which had just over 5,000 miles on them before replacing them. I have had nothing but problems with the Mich. tires. I think I will go back to the contis. Low cost long life. I also never had a flat tire with the contis. My rant for the day. Expensive tires just do not work well for me I guess.
Struggling onward
Ohh and I am going on a century ride this Saturday. I am glad that this happened near home and not on the century ride in the middle of no where!!
re: Mich. Axial Pro rantLC
Jun 23, 2003 6:20 PM
Sounds like over inflation of the tires or too old? might have caused something like that. Never had that happen to any of mine.
re: Mich. Axial Pro rantStruggle
Jun 23, 2003 7:27 PM
The tires are just over a year old. I run 100 psi with them. Mileage on them was around 2,000 miles with very little indication of wear. Maybe it was just a bad tire I just do not want to spend $40 a peice or more for a tire that might do the same thing over again? They seem to cut really easy as well.
Swear by themfiltersweep
Jun 23, 2003 9:00 PM
I buy them the cheapest way I can, use good Conti tubes and never have a problem running them at 120 psi. I'm wondering if you had them somewhat underinflated?

BTW- I had a set with about 4000 miles on them and they had NO cuts inside the tires when I replaced them. There were all sorts of cuts on the outside, but none penetrated. Your mileage may vary.
2,000 miles?jtolleson
Jun 23, 2003 7:35 PM
IMHO, that's about all Axial Pros are good for (and less depending on your roads). They are fine tires but not known for durability. Having a tire fail at 2,000 miles isn't really that big a deal.

If you are looking for a little more durability, consider Michelin Axial Carbons.
Srcond the axial carbons, they last,resist flats...n.m.koala
Jun 24, 2003 1:38 AM
A couple things to do when your frustration subsidesSprint-Nick
Jun 23, 2003 8:06 PM
I had a tire blow out at the sidewall recently so I have an idea how your feeling... before you do anything move past the ranting stage. :)

With that said tires are like saddles... with riders being different weights, having different riding styles, filling up their tires to different pressures on different rims there are a million variables that can affect how a tire works so like a saddle... find one that works and stick with it. To illustrate my point I've always had good luck with Axial Pro's but with their high price I decided to try a set of Conti Sports... that was the tire that blew out at the sidewall on me after less than 200 km so I'm back to the Axial Performance.

With all this said though I wouldn't toss the tire... its worth a shot at trying to warranty the Axial Pro. A tire blowing out at the sidewall with no cuts could be considered a toss up between wear and tear and faulty manufacturing. Point out that your considering changing brands for good and see where it goes.

A couple things to do when your frustration subsidesrussw19
Jun 23, 2003 8:37 PM
Some other things to add in...

First thing.. check to make sure your brake pads didn't cut your tire. Is there a flat spot in your rim? This is way more common with mountain bikes (having the pads cut the sidewalls) but you should still rule it out as the first thing if you haven't already.

Second thing is that a Pro Race is just that... a pro racing tire. It wasn't ever designed to go much more than a couple thousand miles. And if you got them at $40 you got a pretty good deal still on them. I have seen them selling over $55 in the past. I would not recommend riding that tire as anything more than a race day tire. I wouldn't train on it, but that's just me. I use the Axial Carbons as my everyday tires. I have a set of Pro Race Lites, but I have never trained on them.

Also, what Nick said is good advice.. don't throw them out yet... try to get them warrantied. All they can say is "no" but they may give you a free tire if you press them on it.

re: Mich. Axial Pro rantJuanmoretime
Jun 24, 2003 1:09 AM
I agree with trying to get them warrantied. I ride the Axail Pro Lights, I have a big stash of them, weigh 170 and regularly get between 2000 to 3000 out of the light version.
Pro Lightsnoveread
Jun 24, 2003 5:45 AM
Yea, I get 2-3k out my lights as well. I wish I had a stash of them. Hate that new sky blue color!

Customer service worse than the productpitt83
Jun 24, 2003 4:37 AM
My bud had a sidewall fail on an MTB tire. Contacted Michelin, over the phone they diagnosed the problem was with him hitting a rock and no warantee. Said it was his bad luck. They never saw the tire and we never left a fire road. The rep. didn't care; his problem.

I'll not buy Michelin again based on that experience. YMMV.
I took the tires in todayStruggle
Jun 24, 2003 9:20 AM
My LBS is going to show the tires to the rep and see what they will do. The front tire was showing the same problem but had not really come to surface yet. The tires show very little wear for the mileage on them. I checked brake pad position all the way around on the rims and they are fine. I will not be disasapointed if they do not warranty the tire(s). We have a really good LBS and the guy/owner really seems to work hard for us when problems show up. It is dissapointing to me also for the fact that I have over 9,000 miles on the bike and this is the first time I have had to sag home due to a failure of the machine. That I know is really good compared to some of you guys that deal with flats almost every day. I put Sport 1000 back on. $30 for them and the LBS put them for that. This in all is not a big deal but for the money I guess I will stick with cheap tires for now unless I am going to race which will not be this year. I am glad this happened before going on this century ride coming up for me. I would have been really ticked to not finish that becuase of this problem. Thing could be worse as in last night we got hammered with storms for hours and had no damage but people to our west had severe damage. Houses leveled etc. Tire I guess do not seem that big of a deal now after last night. Thanks for the input.
Struggling onward
re: Carbons Baby...jrm
Jun 24, 2003 10:13 AM
I ride mine almost everyday to and from work. There kinda heavy but they work for me. i could do without the yellow strip though..
Tires and Luckmapei boy
Jun 24, 2003 10:27 AM
Tires are perhaps the most superstitious of purchases. As the tire reviews on this site indicate, everybody seems to have a different opinion of a particular tire. There is no real consensus as to which tires are good and which tires are bad. Because tires are essentially sold without warranty (the company will always find some excuse to deny coverage), when you buy a tire you are essentially taking a leap of faith.

What this means is that, over time, you begin to develop superstitions and prejudices. If Fate has decreed that the last two Michelins you bought got ripped up by road debris, you blame the tire company and not Fate...and you no longer buy Michelins.

As for myself, I will never buy another Vittoria, unless the deal is truly impossible to pass up. Back when Wolber was a major tire brand, I used to laugh in the salesman's face when that brand was recommended to me. Recently, I've been having superb luck with Conti GP3000s. When it was time to get my wheels reshod, it took three bike mechanics twenty minutes to convince me to give another brand a try.
Not entirelypitt83
Jun 24, 2003 10:36 AM
Manufacturers have different QC standards in every industry. Bicycle tires are no different. These standards change year to year, manager to manager and with individual products. Therfore, certain products and product lines have better inherent reliability and adherance to standards.

Ford trucks have a different QC standard than do Ford Focus. Hence, the reliability of the truck versus the economy car are different.

If I believe that a certain manufacturer doesn't QC or has low standards for QC, I'll skip them.

It's not entirely luck, it's more about choice and prior learning. You dislike the Vittoria and love the Conti's. My "luck" has that exactly reversed. My last set of Conti's will be my last set ever.