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Lake Tahoe Cycling(4 posts)

Lake Tahoe Cycling1Ricer
Jun 23, 2003 2:06 PM
I am going to Lake Tahoe in August and would like to rent a road bike for a day. I will be staying in South Lake Tahoe and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good road ride for a day. And if anyone knew of a good shop to rent a road bike.

I am also wanting to rent a mountain bike for a day. Any suggestions.

re: Lake Tahoe CyclingMP
Jun 23, 2003 4:10 PM
Tahoe Sports Ltd. is a good store right near the casinos, but on the California side. If you want a longer ride, go all the way around the lake (72 miles). It is a spectacular ride, but the road is very narrow in some places, so be careful. If you want a shorter ride, from south shore, take Pioneer trail (paved road) to Hwy. 50, turn right and that will take you back to south shore (about 20 miles). A tough ride with giant hills would be to go left on 50 where Pioneer Trail ends, go about 1 mile south to Hwy 89. Take that south and around into Nevada, and then climb back up Kingsbury grade to get backt to south shore. It's only about 50 or so miles, but is tough, and there isn't much opportunity to get water, so stop in Mindend or thereabouts to fuel up before climbing Kingsbury grade. You'll get to experience some of Greg LeMond's training rides.
I went a few years ago and tried hard to rent a road bike, butbill
Jun 24, 2003 5:56 AM
the only bikes for rent were for MTB's. Same is true just about everywhere, come to think about it.
What the guy at one bike shop told me is that the ride around the lake is beautiful, but because you're sharing the road with gawking gamblers in RV's, riders who do it too often get knocked down. I said, really? Has that happened to you? He said that last time he did it he made 71 of 72 miles, then got knocked down (he also said that he'll continue to do it once a year, so it can't be that bad).
The bottom line he said was to rent a MTB. That's what people do around here. I did, and it was fun (I'm not much of a MTB'r, but it's everywhere).
How lucky you are ... so many choices ...Tahoe Gator
Jun 24, 2003 6:18 AM
Ahhh, to get to ride a day up at Tahoe. A lucky man you are. The rides mentioned in the other posts are all good, so I won't repeat but will add that I don't think you should worry about the around the lake ride anymore than your local rides back home unless you live in the middle of Montana. If you go early or late, or if it is not clear out, use a rear flasher; otherwise, just use the same common sense all roadies should apply. If you're still worried, simply use a rear mirror.

Note that the ride around the lake is about 4,000 feet of climbing, which really isn't that bad over 72 miles and there's only 2 steep climbs. You will be at about 6,500 feet of elevation though, so don't be surprised to be out of breath more quickly than you're used to. Also, plent of water stops along route, but mostly on south, west, and north sides; less so on east side, so make sure water bottles full for that segment if it's hot out.

A few additional choices would be to make the round-the-lake a full century by doing the flat out-and-back to Truckee on the northwest side. Also, if you want more climbing, simply head up the Mt. Rose Hwy on the northeast side as far as you like (it's a few thousand feet up).

As far as shops, though mostly a mtb shop, call 123bikes (find # at and ask for Dave. Tell him Tahoe Gator told you to call and ask him for advice; if they can't help you directly, they can steer you to someone who can (e.g., to find a decent road rental since most bikes are comfort or mtb).

Lastly, if you have any mountain biking experience, I highly recommend giving it a go. The road riding is great; the mountain biking is world class.