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LeTour 2003: Pick your Podium(4 posts)

LeTour 2003: Pick your PodiumNeedSpeed
Jun 23, 2003 12:51 PM
Tour time is almost here: in almost 2 weeks, we'll be watching what will be a wide-open tour on OLN.

My quick question: pick your Tour podium with a brief explanation of why

Here's mine:
1. Lance
2. Tyler Hamilton
3. Jan Ullrich

This tour will be much closer than most people think. I think Postal MUST form alliances with the teams of a few GC contenders: Rabbobank (Levi), Bianchi (Ullrich) and CSC (Tyler) because other teams such as Saeco, Telekom, (maybe) Kelme and Fassa Bortolo (Basso) will all seek to hurt Postal early and isolate Armstrong in the mountains. Last year proved that only multiple attacks by top climbers can weaken Armstrong. Lance may not be the best TTer anymore, but still top 3. If you look at the climbers who can also TT, the race will be won from one of these riders: Lance, Tyler, Ullrich, Aitor Gonzalez or Santiago Botero. After Lance's "alliance" whittles down the competition and covers attacks, this year's tour will be won in the July 26 ITT. If people put a hurtin' on Postal early in the climbs, and there's no alliance, it's gonna get ugly.

What's your take?
re: LeTour 2003: Pick your PodiumUcannotBsirius
Jun 23, 2003 1:20 PM
1. LA. It will be a lot more open than previous Tours and Lance will have to work harder than before, but unless he crashes badly or gets ill I can't see anyone beating him.

2. Santiago Botero. Perhaps more of a "I wish" than serious prediction cos I rate Botero a lot. Hopefully the greater discipline of Telekom will suit him better than Kelme, but who will be team leader, him or Cadel Evans?

3. Beloki or Hamilton. Beloki has finished on the podium the last 3 years so surely will still be up there. Hamilton looks like he will get on the podium soon enough, and he has a good team behind him in CSC, but not sure it will be this year.

(Ullrich - top 5).
That one funny named guy will winZeGopha
Jun 23, 2003 1:48 PM
Okay, my picks

Lance- Number one

Tyler- some where close behind (i.e. a few minutes, I think he'll fade late in the tour)

And I think everyone else with a funny name will fall in to place behind them.
re: LeTour 2003: Pick your PodiumChris Radders
Jun 24, 2003 6:07 AM
I reckon it will be;

1. Lance Armstrong
2. Gilberto Simoni
3. Santiago Botero

Armstrong has proved time and time again that once it's Tour de France he is the man to beat. Gilberto Simoni claims he is a better climber than Armstrong, that he can drop him but he's no better than Roberto Heras who in turn is nowhere near as good as Lance when he's in top form. Anyway, Simoni will probably get kicked off when he tests positive for coke (cough! cough!). Botero will be up there if he can iron out his inconsistencies.