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Interesting new twist on stationary bikes(1 post)

Interesting new twist on stationary bikesvindicator
Jun 23, 2003 7:40 AM
Ted Koplar is a local entrepeneur who used to own our largest independent TV station and has long been involved in real estate investing as well. I've seen him in a local bike shop, so I assume he's a cyclist (but maybe he was just doing research). Anyway, he's now combined TV and cycling with an exercise bike that sits in front of the TV. The TV shows your route and the video has special light signals encoded in it that tell a sensor on the bike when and how much to change the resistance to match the terrain. Interesting. Here's the St. Louis Post Dispatch article (The URL is so long I'm not sure it will work as a hot link so here's the full text of the URL). Or go to and search for "Koplar" and click on the June 18 article.

(I have no connection to the company or the product - I just thought it was interesting).