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Experience/background with Massimo Testa/Heiden? (UC DAVIS)(3 posts)

Experience/background with Massimo Testa/Heiden? (UC DAVIS)Zonic Man
Jun 23, 2003 7:01 AM
My fiance and I are going to be coached by Testa here, getting ready for next season, and to generally stay in shape.

My first appointment with him was a cyclist's dream...super nice, excellent advice, took time with me, the best Dr.'s visit I ever went to. He even WALKED ME HIMSELF across the medical building to the blood lab where I was getting work done.

So I go in July 9th for the bike fit with the excersise physiologist and all the strength/longevity testing. My fiance goes in on the 8th for all this as well. Coaching begins immediately after the results of the tests are tabulated/examined.

Anyone out there have any experience being coached/administered to by Testa? (Other than LA, Mapei, FDJ, etc etc etc)

re: Experience/background with Massimo Testa/Heiden? (UC DAVIS)Jon Billheimer
Jun 23, 2003 7:05 AM
Are you kidding?? NOT! But I'll bet everyone on this board is both envious and interested in your experiences? You could do us all a great service by keeping us up to date on your experiences with Testa's supervision, how his programs differ from other coach's, similarities, etc.
re: Experience/background with Massimo Testa/Heiden? (UC DAVIS)Rushfan
Jun 24, 2003 6:58 PM
Steve Larsen just started working with Dr. Testa. There's an interview in the June City Sports magazine that talks a little about it. Sounds positive.

Also, a good friend had his knee scoped by Dr. Heiden. Everything went well.

Good luck.