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Seems like I'm always riding into the wind...(2 posts)

Seems like I'm always riding into the wind...crestlinefarm
Jun 22, 2003 9:36 PM
On my commuting route, there seems to be a perpetual wind coming from the South of 5-10mph. Is there a particular position that is more efficient in a headwind? I'm most comfortable riding on the hoods, but have tried switching to the drops but nothing seems to make a difference. Do I just need to "suck it up", figure the extra effort will be noticeable when the wind decides to change direction?

Also, are there any good books or websites out there with tips on riding position and technique? Every other sport I've participated in I've self-taught, and end up spending too much time un-learning bad habits...
Pretty much gear down and suck it up...retro
Jun 23, 2003 8:10 AM
An improved aero position certainly will help, and you can find all kinds of information on that. In my experience, though, a 30mph head wind (which we have around here fairly often) is a 30mph head wind. My commute is a 500-foot drop in 11 miles in the morning, and back up in the evening. With no wind, there's only a couple of minutes' difference in my times. When the wind comes up, as it does this time of year, it can add half an hour to the normal ~45 min.
Nothing really seems to help a lot, and I'd rather just tough it out than stay in an aero tuck for an hour anyway (I very rarely use the drops at all). But there have been hundreds of stories written on improving aerodynamics, and all those tips would apply.