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CO2 update(2 posts)

Jun 22, 2003 3:58 PM
After yesterday's dreaded double flat, I decided to leave the wheels alone to check out the leakage. The rear tube was replaced with a 70g Michelin ultra light. Giving it the "thumb test", I can tell that it has lost some CO2 (20-25 psi). The front tube was replaced with a cheap generic 100-120 g tube. The front tube has lost maybe 10 psi at most.
Since a CO2 cart will only put in 90-95 psi, you'll have to pump up your tires the next day anyway. Every time you pump up the tire, the percentage of CO2 will drop until it equals the percentage in the outside atmosphere.
So my answer to the original question about removing the CO2 in your tubes is No, don't bother. One more pump stroke won't hurt you.
I do because what is 15 or 20 pump strokesspookyload
Jun 22, 2003 5:29 PM
Actually I use light weight tubes that fold up real small as spares, that way I can fit two in my pack, then when I get home I install my bulk purchase tubes. So essentially I have to deflate them all the way to replace the tube.