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Will a Campy 9-speed cassette work with Dura-ace 9-speed?(6 posts)

Will a Campy 9-speed cassette work with Dura-ace 9-speed?yzfrr11
Jun 21, 2003 12:34 PM
Will a Campy 9-speed cassette work with Dura-ace 9-speed?
not clear...C-40
Jun 21, 2003 12:55 PM
I assume you're asking whether a Campy 9 wheel will work with a Shimano 9 drivetrain.

Probably not real well. The shimano derailleur will undershift, moving only 4.32mm per shift. The campy cassette cog are spacing is 4.55mm. If the derailleur is adjusted perfectly, on the middle cog, it will shift fine for a few shifts in either direction, but the last 1 or two shifts may hesitate or not make at all and the chain may be noisy.

The opposite setup will probably work better. A campy derailleur overshifts with a shimano cassette. In that case, you know for sure that all the shifts will be made, though it may still run noisy on the at either end of the cassette.
sure will!slomo
Jun 21, 2003 9:04 PM
I used to run a campy 9sp casette on a rolf vector pro with dura ace and it worked great. it was a way of sharing wheels between my campy bike and my shimano bike. it didn't miss shifts or hesitate and was not loud as C-40 has stated (maybe overstated).

I don't have the exact shift throws for dura ace and don't really care but i know first hand that it WORKS.

(message not intended to be a flame towards c40:) )
the operative word is may...C-40
Jun 22, 2003 4:46 AM
It's tough to flame me. If you read more carefully, I use the word MAY to be sure that the reader does not think that I've tried it and know for sure how it works. I haven't tried either setup and have no reason to.

You get different opinions from different folks who have tried these mismatches. Some think they work well, while other admit that it doesn't work perfectly, which is obvious if you analyze the dimensions.

Shimano users also like to note that campy 10 users can't get a neutral support wheel in a race. The difference in the cog spacing between campy 10 and shimano 9 is the same as between campy and shimano 9 (.20mm). A shimano 9 wheel should therefore "work great" on a campy 10 bike, except that there are only 9 cogs available.
again NOT flaming you...slomo
Jun 22, 2003 10:24 AM
...and i have tried campy record 10 with a dura ace 9 cassette. again it does work great. i do have to be careful and remember to not shift past the last cog and dropping the chain into the spokes. not a good feeling when you hear the chain grind into the spokes - yes been there done that (L on forehead - i couldn't find the longer limit screw)

-disclaimer- my definition of great might not meet anyone else's criteria, FWIW, grain of salt, yada yada, etc... :)
A better solution...MShaw
Jun 23, 2003 10:48 AM
to the Campy 10 to Shimano 9 shifting is to have the extra click on the bottom (small cog) end of the cassette.

Granted you have to mess with the limit screws, so it isn't a toss the wheel in and go riding thing.

I recently built a friend's bike up with C10, but didn't have the wheel to set up the shifting. As an experiment, I set up the shifting for the D/A 9 wheel I had laying around. I wasn't expecting it to work, but lo and behold! it shifted as good as D/A 9. Go figure.