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Wild Animals on a Bike(4 posts)

Wild Animals on a BikeRoundabout
Jun 20, 2003 7:00 PM
While road riding today I came up on a big snapping turtle slowly crossing the road. It was one of the biggest I've seen. The shell looked to be about a foot wide.

I have seen turtles on bike rides before. As is my habit, I stop and carry them to safety. I tried that with this guy but he nearly took my finger off. They are fast! It took a while, but with the help of a friendly motorist and a few branches, he ended up safely in the woods.

I have seen my share of wildlife from a road bike, including an eagle, a bear and a moose, and enough road kill to fill an ark.

Anyone have any interesting (but not fatal) wildlife experiences while riding?
... aside from the 2 legged simian types...Akirasho
Jun 20, 2003 10:08 PM
... the largest round here are deer... and you see them relatively often... even near the city center.

Most often, you see their tails as they retreat into the brush, but occasionally, they stand their ground.

On one ride, at dusk, I came across three on a trail bordered on both sides by heavy brush... so... one ran with me for about 100 feet before finding his/her egress... neat (neat too that I didn't end up on a Fox TV special).

On another dusk ride, I espied what I thought was a runner ahead with two large dogs... turned out to be two deer that were leading him out before disappearing into the brush again.

Canadian geese attack when guarding gosslings... their bite and wing flaps really do sting...

Both snappers and soft shell will stand their ground...

Snakes make an awful sound when crunched... and an awful site as they attempt to slith.. er.. ahh, slank away...

You can run directly over a full grown groundhog (both wheels) at 17 mph and still remain upright (of course, you'll still need to send flowers to the immediate family).

Some birds have the uncanny ability to fly through your frame and whirling legs unscathed...

Some chipmonks have the uncanny ability to not fly through your frame or past your whirling legs unscathed (once saw one hit the front wheel of the rider in front of me... which launched him into said rider's leg... before bopping him off the rear tire... apparently none the worse for wear)...

The beast with two backs is neither a beast (despite what you hear), nor has two backs (despite what you see)...

Be the bike.
re: Wild Animals on a BikeStepan
Jun 21, 2003 12:37 PM
Squirrels by the hundreds.
Rabbits by the dozen.
California King Snake
Turkey Vulture
Assorted lizards
Three bobcats on the same ride.PseuZQ
Jun 21, 2003 9:48 PM
Two weeks ago. One had lunch in its mouth.

I've seen a few coyotes, and once I apparently disturbed a resting hawk as I rode by, causing it to fly away just inches from my right leg. Have also seen hawks flying with snakes in their mouths.

I've rounded corners at speed and have come across turkey vultures chowing down on road carrion.

I'm pretty sure I've been buzzed by bats, but can't confirm. (Note to self: Do not use a Carmen Miranda hat as a helmet at night.)

What I'd *really* like to see, but haven't, is a wild pig. (They're out there, I know...) Say, for you Simpsons fans, If I crashed into a wild pig while carrying Chocolate PowerGel, would I get Fudge Covered Bacon?