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I don't believe in jinxes(9 posts)

I don't believe in jinxesSpecialTater
Jun 20, 2003 6:36 AM
at least not yet...but this is getting ridiculous.

It started 10 or so days ago in Italy. Riding with a friend's wife on a 40k route through Tuscany, we were descending the last 5k and I was out front by a few hundred meters (she was on a hybrid, I on a road bike and a little bolder on the descents). I waited at the bottom and she didn't arrive when expected. I headed back up to see her bike on the shoulder and she wasn't in sight. She had been run off the road by a truck on her side of the road and went OTB. Banged up her elbow pretty badly but nothing broken. The hospital in Siena stitched her up and took great care of her. It's really freaky to ride back up on something like that and expect the worst. She is really strong and tough. She more or less kicked my butt on the climbs on a hybrid on both rides we did. Currently she's doing well and recovering at the villa.

Since then...2 flats on the same ride, 1 ruined tire (with 800 miles on it), rain every afternoon I could ride since, show up at the group ride yesterday without shoes, take a 20 miler from home where I'm almost hit head on in a curve by a dumba$$ (he thought about giving chase when I let him know he was a dumba$$)....AND missing the Harpeth Century Saturday (by choice, I know, but it was hard choosing).

Is this punishment for treading on cycling nirvana (the Giro route) after a mere 5 months on a road bike? If so, what do I do? Kill a pig and drink it's blood (pork being the national food of Italy)? Burn the cool jersey I picked up over there? Hep me pleeeese.
I'd say that karma has been equalized now nmDougSloan
Jun 20, 2003 6:41 AM
Eddy's p!ssed, but your luck's turned aroundJS Haiku Shop
Jun 20, 2003 7:00 AM
obviously you forgot about Eddy Merckx's birthday. it was tuesday (june 17).

italy, et cetera: i would suspect treading on the same roads where Eddy squashed the competition five times (he won the Giro 5 times, including winning all 3 leader's jerseys one year) without the requisite reverence and modesty may have ruined a week or two for you. as the inventor of the bicycle and a certified cycling diety, he's probably put the juju on y'arse. it'll wear off.

another explanation is that bernart hinalut was stalking J2 and i all through the month of may. since we didn't give in to the countless fl*ts, punctures, crashes, rain, and angry motorists that ol' bernie organized, he's searched out (and found) a new victim--you.

either way my suggestion is to make a sacrifice to the bike gods, namely eddy merckx and bjarne riis (1996 TdF monster), and perhaps consider a move from shimmy to campy (though i wouldn't suggest the latter).

perhaps however your luck is turning. last night's 35 hilly miles was covered at 22.8 mph or something rediculous by J2, while i hung on for only the first 20 miles and finished my own 46-miler with a piddly 19.3 average. the pack started with 30+ folks and was thinned to 8 by the 15-mile mark. it was *hot* and like riding through a sauna. Mike Prince gave a pretty accurate statement (on sunday) about my entire month's rides for june: "Burps aren't supposed to be chunky, are they?"

harpeth: you're not missing too much. for sympathy, friday night you should pickup a small sledge hammer from the home depot. stop by the grocery on your way home and get a bag of oranges, bunch of bananas, tub of creamy peanut butter, potato chips, pretzels, and gatorade. saturday, watch OLN while eating as much as you can cram into your cake hole, drink constantly, and use the hammer to pound a different finger every 15 minutes. the only thing missing is a ride t-shirt.

OK, JS, how do I cure my jinx??PaulCL
Jun 20, 2003 7:18 AM
I leave tomorrow AM for a week of riding in Colorado.

Am I jinxed?? You tell me..

IN the last five weeks: one broken frame, a bent rear wheel (hit a rock), crack rim on the front wheel, and to top it off....I come down with some stinking viral infection on Tuesday night. Started to feel better yesterday evening, but the 'nightime' cold medicine I took to clear my sinuses kept me awake until 3:30am! Only to have my alarm clock wake me for work 4 hours later. My illness is out of my system, but I'm completely exhausted

Am I jinxed??? Or am I getting the bad stuff out of the way before the week of riding??? Either way, for the third straight day, I am leaving work at noon to go home to bed. I've got 85 miles of mountains to ride on Sunday I GOTTA GET BETTER.

Maybe I should sacrifice a tire or old cleats to the cycling gods.

tire? old cleats? are you trying to make it worse? egads!JS Haiku Shop
Jun 20, 2003 7:32 AM
you haven't been hanging out with georgie hincapie, have ya?

you're making big karma deposits for a good CO ride. it's maybe even your "inner domestique" (similar in theory to "inner child" or "feminine side", but nothing like "inner richard simmons") telling you to take it easy for a few days before proceeding to demolish your legs, climbing steep grades at altitude. it's not easy being green.

my suggestion would be to immediately contact LFR for a guided tour. at least, that's what i'd do. she's my hero.


btw my second hypothesis is that this upcoming week of CO riding has been paraded around your riding buds too much in the last few weeks/months. jealousy makes for extra strong juju.
you're right! I must burn my new frame!!PaulCL
Jun 20, 2003 7:42 AM
OK, I won't go that far. Actually, I will be fine by Sunday's ride. Besides, Sunday is a not so mountainous fifty miler that I'll have all day to do. That I can handle no matter how depleted I feel.

"inner domestique"...I like that. If I ever found out that I had an "inner richard simmons" I'd immediately go to a surgeon to have him cut out. Then stomp that little twerp into mush.

My wife's theory is that I've been getting too worked up over this trip in the last couple of weeks. So worked up that I'm crashing now. Women! I hate it when they're probably right. OH, that strong juju thing might be part of it too....

A good thing about this illness is that I've dropped about 5 pounds this week. Of course, that's probably five pounds of strength too.
i'm pretty sure a flame job would sufficeJS Haiku Shop
Jun 20, 2003 7:58 AM
is this an organized tour/ride?
Eddy also probably didn't likeSpecialTater
Jun 20, 2003 7:35 AM
my camelbak, t-shirt and hiking shoes. Next time I'll know.

Also, I don't have OLN. I'll be on the river all day (and night) tomorrow fly fishing (my other money-sink hobby).

Blowing chunks with y'all was probably more fun than the 100 stopsigns/lights I went through headed downtown. At least the river was pretty. I would have hung back and watched the scenery last night in my condition (maybe 100 miles in the past 20 days).
solution: poor prioritizingJS Haiku Shop
Jun 20, 2003 8:00 AM
fishing over cycling.

what's wrong with you?

Eddy surely disapproves.

i've heard, though, if it a trip to the corner mart for cigarettes and beer, you'd probably be in line behind him.