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Nature Valley Grand Prix(4 posts)

Nature Valley Grand Prixberrywise
Jun 19, 2003 9:49 PM
Hi All,

Just thought I would announce myself to the message board. I'm a long time reader but just this past week I picked up my very first official road bike a Fuji Roubaix Pro so hopefully I can learn a few new tricks by hanging out around here occasionally. I'm from Minnesota where I spend my hours as a bike mechanic and drinking the local beers.

I thought I would start off by posting some photographs I took at this year and last years Nature Valley Grand Prix. Last year I got to watch the race in Winona, Minnesota where they rode a 100+ mile course.

This year I watched the criterium in Stillwater, Minnesota where the 1.25 mile course had one hill that was a 24 percent grade. Really amazing to watch the leader big ring that climb each lap.

Overall though it was really fun to watch and I left in awe of how in shape these people were.

Team Saturn's Lyne Bessette rounds the final corner of the Stillwater Criterium road race by herself on her way to victory.

Team Saturn's Trent Klasna raises his arms in victory after crossing the finish line. Klasna beat out his competitors by over 2 minutes and was able to come from behind and take the overall victory as well.

The men complete the first of many climbs up Chillkote Hill, a hill that has a 24 percent grade. Highways can only be 6 perecent grade at their steepest.

In last years race Marty Nothstein finished second of the Winona road race. The race finished with multiple laps around local streets of the city so that fans could get up and close.

Racers speed by the ball fields at Winona State University.

A group of women break from the pack on the first lap.

re: Nature Valley Grand Prixclimbo
Jun 20, 2003 4:54 AM
nice shots, especially the one of Lyne, she's a babe, nice person and a great rider of course !! Do you do photography as a job? , these could be in magazines.
Great photos, thanks, and welcome! nmnoveread
Jun 20, 2003 6:07 AM
Great shots and welcome.Scot_Gore
Jun 20, 2003 8:22 AM
Your either professional or a very talented amatuer.

I'm in Minnesota. I missed all of this years festival, my in-laws were in from out of town. So no poping off to the races for me this year.

If you're local, check out this tread and watch the board for updates.
Scot_Gore "Twin Cities RBR Gathering Pre-Work & Opinions Post" 6/13/03 5:24am
Again, welcome to RBR.