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15 degree stem... No longer cool?(15 posts)

15 degree stem... No longer cool?nicholasdunford
Jun 19, 2003 1:35 PM
I just put a new bontrager race stem (picture is a select, race is in the mail) with 15 degrees of rise on my new Lemond Zurich. It is unbelievabley comfortable since now I only have an 1.5 inch difference between my seat and bars. So does this mean that I am no longer cool.
Warm and comfortable now ;)LC
Jun 19, 2003 1:46 PM
I would not worry about it if you like it. This is why I stayed away from Lemond bikes with the long top tube as you end up with a frame that is too small for you.
Too Small?nicholasdunford
Jun 19, 2003 1:52 PM
How does wanting to be higher up mean my frame is too small? Could you explain?
Too Small?jtolleson
Jun 19, 2003 2:19 PM
The thinking goes something like this -- you could have bought one size bigger, which would have had higher bars (and you would simply not raise your set the 6-7 cm that it appears you have now). Then you might not have needed a riser stem.

Folks sometimes buy smaller bikes in order to get the shorter TT, but then they also wind up with lower bars, which can result in a need for extra spacers and/or riser stem.

But if you are comfortable with your setup, then don't sweat it.
not too small, but very uncool...C-40
Jun 19, 2003 3:17 PM
The saddle height above the top tube indicates that the frame in very close to the proper vertical size.

The spacers, extreme stem angle angle and weird angle on the bars says the rider lacks the fitness necessary for a normal road bike position and needs a lesson in mounting the shift levers to the bars.
No, no, no!Trent in WA
Jun 19, 2003 5:26 PM
The shifters are mounted perfectly normally on the bars. The bars are just rotated back towards the saddle to give the rider a flat ramp on the bar tops. V. popular setup with Riv-ites and randonizers.

Jun 20, 2003 4:53 AM
You wrote:

"The spacers, extreme stem angle angle and weird angle on the bars says the rider lacks the fitness necessary for a normal road bike position and needs a lesson in mounting the shift levers to the bars."

So what should he do, not ride? I didn't know there was a zero-stack club of well-physiqued riders.

If it feels good for him, that's all that matters. Maybe his fitness will improve and he'll get change to a zero spacer setup, but who cares?
re: 15 degree stem... No longer cool?mackgoo
Jun 19, 2003 1:57 PM
Fabio says yes. Embrace your inner Fred, he's all that counts.
you are definitely not coolmohair_chair
Jun 19, 2003 2:46 PM
If you have to ask, you aren't cool. Cool means never having to say you're sorry. But it's never to late to learn from your mistakes. You could be cool one day.
This is the place to ask so you don't have to askJimboTero
Jun 19, 2003 10:03 PM
This is where you ask so you don't have to ask !
So,if cool means "does it look like a pro's bike ?" It isn't cool. Racers bikes are set up for effecient power transfer, weight distribution (it takes some weight off your saddle = long ride comfort), and aerodynamics, not to look cool. Do you want max performance ?Are you willing to put up with a sore neck for a while untill it gets stronger ?
If you aren't competitive and just want to tour, cruise or commute at your own pace, WHO CARES ??Be comfortable - you paid for the bike.
Race bike geometry will feel "stretched out" because of the relatively long top tube. This puts the rider in the correct position to get the most performance.From the photo (saddle height)it looks like you could've gone with one size smaller frame. I've read you should go as small as possible for weight/stiffness. Take a close look at Armstrong's or Jaja's bikes' saddle height.
Your next bike ?gcbgcb
Jun 19, 2003 3:16 PM
Ignore the negative comments..Dave Hickey
Jun 19, 2003 3:42 PM
I gave up style for comfort last year and I haven't looked back. I'm riding more miles than ever and my fitness level is higher than it's ever been. If it works for you, that's all that matters. There is no correct fit despite what the so called experts say.
I have a 40 degree stem and I'm totally cool nmContinental
Jun 19, 2003 5:06 PM
First you have to ask...dave_w
Jun 19, 2003 5:14 PM
was I ever cool? :) Dave Hickey already gave the real answer.
Image is everything.....MR_GRUMPY
Jun 19, 2003 7:06 PM
I always tell my friends: "If you can't be fast.......Look fast"
Like others have said, if you have to ask, aren't. You also have to remember that coolness is relative. If all your friends are Cat 2 racers, you will never be cool. If all your friends are real Freds, you will be the height of coolness. With your bars so high, you will never join the truely "cool ones", but you can still be a good rider. (Just tell people that you have a crappy back)