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Need to rant about rednecks in pickup trucks !!!!!!!!(14 posts)

Need to rant about rednecks in pickup trucks !!!!!!!!SIZE16
Jun 19, 2003 1:02 PM
This is what happened this am ,,, was riding my usual route that i have ridden for 3 years and hundreds of times. This particular stretch of road is about 7 miles long with shoulders , i see on a typical ride about 3-6 cars and that is all , but there are alot of rocks and debris that accumulate here so i ride very close to the white line. Anyway i see a car on coming but because i had a 20 mph headwind i didn't hear a truck that was behind me so i ddnt move over and old man in the truck laid on his horn what seemed like an eternity then pulled up next to me and began cussing and yelling etc .... imo there was plenty of room for the car the truck and me because the road is fairly wide or the truck could have simply slowed for 2-3 seconds until the car passed and then drive by me. After the yelling back and forth the old man ,who btw looked like he weighed about 300 - 350 lb, pulled into his drive way to his farm house about 1/16th of a mile from the " incident " , i am thinking what the f' this guy could hang on for a couple of seconds to get in his driveway ... maybe just me but man what a d@ck !!!!!!!!!!! anybody here think i am out of line for thinking this way ?
happens all the time around meclimbo
Jun 19, 2003 1:12 PM
it pisses me off too. Not much you can do to change a person's thinking, they will always be a$$holes if they act that way towards a bicycle on the road.
definitely out of linecyclopathic
Jun 19, 2003 1:15 PM
that's what you do: no arguing. Take your left hand from handle bar, rise it your face level, collect fingers in fist and then gently extend middle finger; smile.
Now you know where he lives....the bull
Jun 19, 2003 1:24 PM
You can drive by his house at three am and shoot his windows out of his truck with a semi auto bb gun!
Revenge is a dish best served cold!
BTW take this with a sense of humour I would not do it! ; ] nmthe bull
Jun 19, 2003 1:28 PM
Yeah!!! that's my style nm.stinkfoot247
Jun 19, 2003 7:53 PM
Punks on motorcyclesRubberbandman
Jun 19, 2003 3:06 PM
Punks on motorcycles are the pain in my butt. I'm talking about the young punks riding the Japanese racing bikes. Recently, a pack of about 25 riders wizzed by in single file. With every bike that passed they got closer and closer while traveling faster and faster. Finally I pulled off the road onto the gravel and waited for them to clear out.

Put a "Share the road" sticker on his bumper...biknben
Jun 19, 2003 6:31 PM
C' know where he lives!!! You have to do something!!!

How about putting him on the mailing list for every bike related mag and catalog you can find.

Paint a "bike lane" symbol in his driveway??? Something!!!!

To be honest, I dream of that situation. Some a$$hole screws with me and then shows me where he lives??? Is that heaven or what?
Put a "Share the road" sticker on his bumper...kjr39
Jun 19, 2003 6:45 PM
FWIW, signing him up for mags and catalogs accounts to mail fraud... If you do decide to do something to this jacka$$, don't do this...
I guess that depends...reklar
Jun 20, 2003 2:24 AM
> To be honest, I dream of that situation. Some a$$hole screws with me and then shows me where he lives??? Is that heaven or what?

I guess that depends on whether you have a desire to ride by his house again! If he was a true redneck, I'd be worried about buckshot piercing my spandex...

Best answer is to just let it go or get off the bike and explain to him (nicely) how dangerous what he just did was...
We share your pain...JimboTero
Jun 19, 2003 10:56 PM
We're there for you, friend. Yeah, we all know the type - moving the foot a couple inches from the gas to the brake and back again (or just easing off the gas for one sec ) is just too much work for them !Is our society producing overgrown babies who throw a tantrum for this brief "inconvenience"? And how hard do we have to work to get OUR momentum back if someone cuts us off, when it's hot , we're tired or on a climb ?
So you know where he lives. Do you ever want to feel safe riding by his place or on your route again ? If so, do nothing.I'm 38 now so I've learned over the years to be mellow.If you REALLY want to drive 'em nuts, do this: When someone honks at you, wave and smile as if you think they're greeting you or giving support!If someoneone goes ballistic with road rage THEY look bad. You just blow it off and be as poker faced as Lance as you look right at 'em. How embarassing! The effect on eveyone who sees this will be "What an idiot!"(driver)You represent cycling.
If you just can't keep silent, What I'd say is simply "Grow up !"
Still reading?One more point-I'm living (for a few weeks longer) in a racist country where as a white American, I'm a minority.If someone wants to kill me they could just go "oops-didn't see him" or some such B.S.If there are no witnesses to see the incident from 1st to last,and testify to the contrary, cycling death would be ruled accidental.You may be able to take these A-holes mano-a-mano, but not bike vs car.
Still wanna do something ? Get a copy of the state driver's handbook, highlight the passages that specify bike's rights on the road,and leave in his mailbox in the wee hours.
Are you a really defiant type ?1.Fully exercise you freedom of speech".2.Be ready to pull over if things become heated3.Carry a little can of pepper spray as a backup - just in case !
What I Say to Myself...jamesau
Jun 20, 2003 3:24 AM
... if miscreant is guy, "This guy's wife/gf dumped him for roadie and she's never been happier".

And if it's a gal, "She was probably dumped by a roadie and can barely live with herself".

This helps me to maintain my cool and keep from taking it personally.

Compared to motor vehicle, you're a defenseless target. Assuming you want to ride in the area again, you're likely to encounter again and you'll be in the same position of weakness. So try not to antagonize.

If miscreant becomes a repeat offender, get police involved.
re: Need to rant about rednecks in pickup trucks !!!!!!!!Softrider
Jun 20, 2003 5:56 AM
Being from the land of rednecks, I can say that my experience with most of the good old boys has been just the opposite. Most, and I say most, are pretty OK.

Around here, the biggest offender is the yuppie in his BMW or Benz. Another big offender are the teenagers on the the Japanese crotch rockets.

One of the friendliest groups of motorists that I encounter are the Harley riders.
not saying you should do this... butdbrider
Jun 20, 2003 7:41 AM
A number of years ago I had a similar incident, a woman started honking and yelling at me while driving with her bumper as close as possible to my rear wheel. As she passed her side mirror clipped my arm pretty hard. I chased as hard as I could and just as she was about to get out of my sight I saw her turn onto a dead-end residential street. I found the car and noted the address.

The following weekend we had a club ride with 25 or so riders start in front of her house. Funny, we saw her peeking out of a window but she never felt like coming out and saying hello.

Now, I can't say I would ever do something like this again. I can't describe how good it felt, but I've come to believe the smartest thing to do is remain as cool as possible and let the situation pass. If we pi$$ off a driver (justified or not) all they remember about us is that we were on a bike, and there is a chance they will have their revenge on the next cyclist down the road.