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Buying a new (first) roadbike...... problems with price....?(8 posts)

Buying a new (first) roadbike...... problems with price....?rory1
Jun 19, 2003 11:13 AM
I am one from the Mountain bike camp desiring to purchase a road bike for the first time... I currently have a Gary Fisher Sugar 3 - put about 1k miles on it a year (bought in 2000) and have a decent 'feel' for bikes.

I also research my rear off, knowing exactly what I am looking for, and whereas I am fairly ignorant of road bikes and road biking in general, I am willing and able to learn. In other words, I tend to take my time in the investigation part, but when I'm ready, I have no qualms on buying.

anyway - I have looked at several bikes, ridden several, and have settled pretty much on a Trek 2300. Of course budget becomes a factor at some point and whereas spending a good amount of $$ doesn't bother me too much (have a wife and 3 kids), I do somewhat watch what I spend my money on.

Anyway - At a shop that is fairly large here in denver, I found the 2300 for what I feel is a great price - $1649 for the 2003 model, $1599 for the 2002 model of the 2300.

After my research and checking things out - which took another week and a half, I buzz into the same shop today (which took really good care of me when I was asking a ton of questions and doing some initial test rides) and found the price on the bike is now $1799...... the 2002 has the same $1799 price on it too....

I asked what changed from a week ago, and the guy showed me the price in the 'book' as 1799 and I said I know that, yet a week and a half ago it was $150 less and if it was a 'sale' for that time period or what..... He went to ask the mgmt and they came back that they couldn't knock anything else off the bike ......


$1799 is still almost 200 less than retail, yet I am wondering about the $150 that popped back on it - with no good answer (yet).

Maybe I am just venting frustration, because I was definitely liking this bike, and a $150 'goose' doesn't dissuade me from it, just that I hate spending money like that for no decent reason.

The guy whom helped me today is simply GREAT and smart and helpful and is very into fitting bikes to folks etc etc etc.... I really like the shop and have no qualms with it at all - and they are NOT hard sales types.....

I did see the same bike at a shop run by Ron Kiefel where they do great fittings too - and the bike was a hundred less than today's price.......

Ideas here?

With a big brand like Trekpitt83
Jun 19, 2003 11:40 AM
They should first believe / honor last week's price. Same is true no matter which type of bike you're buying.

They should secondly match another shop's price. If they doon't, you're driving across town with your checkbook. Bad idea for them.

Go to the owner and get it straight. If the owner doesn't play ball, that's the end. His price is what he's asking. Then get in your car and buy that bike you like so much. Ride it when you do.
re: Buying a new (first) roadbike...... problems with price....?Drone 5200
Jun 19, 2003 12:22 PM
I would think they would honor the price that was marked on it when you took your test ride, unless they had warned you that this was a sale price that was going away soon.

But FWIW, in my town all of the LBSs are asking $1,800 for the 2003 model. That has been the sticker price since march.

Good Luck!
re: Buying a new (first) roadbike...... problems with price....?Kvonnah
Jun 19, 2003 8:21 PM
I bought my 2300 from Turin on Broadway & Speer. They are not as big as Wheat Ridge Cyclery (Kiefel's shop) I got the 2003 for 1800 back in Sept. Due to issues with the size (63 cm) I had to wait 6 weeks to recieve my bike which was 3 weeks longer then promised. Because of the order fiasco, they hooked me up and not only discounted my bike to the 2002 price but they also significantly reduced prices on my intial accessory purchases, and to this day I recieve 10% off on ALL purchases. So obviously I am loyal and say GO THERE.

If not WRC is very good and since they are bigger they have alot more going on (check out there website) I wish I knew which shop you were refering to but I would recomend Turin or WRC.

P.s. 4100 miles later the 2300 is sill going strong and I am happy with my choice, enjoy your new ride!
re: Buying a new (first) roadbike...... problems with price....?Mike M
Jun 20, 2003 5:40 AM
You say you have a good feel for bikes and do a lot of research, buy off the classifieds and save yourself a ton. You could get a much higher end bike for your money. Many of the classified bikes are like brand new. I saw a 5200 on there today for $1500. Just an idea.
Go to the bank, get $1650 in currency ...WhoWasThat
Jun 20, 2003 7:51 AM
then meet with the owner personally. Show him the money. Tell him it's his if he wants to deal. Otherwise, walk. Works every time.
Money talks - nobody walksbousson
Jun 20, 2003 7:21 PM
I have to agree. My LBS owner was very friendly and helpful; I went to him because I was pleased w his service when I bought a hybrid there about 5 years earlier. After riding a few road bikes, I asked him about putting together a deal and offered cash, rather than using a charge or check for the 02 model 2300 (same specs as 03 model). He put together a package with SPD pedals (to go w my current MTB shoes until I decide whether to change shoes), computer and bottle cages. The total came to $1550, which was ~~ $150 less than original listed price for stock bike w/o pedals. That compares to ~~$1850 for 03 model. I picked it up in mid April this year and have been very happy w the 2300, my first road bike.
Good luck w whatever you decide.
Well, on the one hand, if they had a sale or even a mistakedjg
Jun 21, 2003 8:54 AM
in week one they're not obligated to reproduce the price you like in week two. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with saying, nicely: hey, I like you guys and I apprectiate the advice I've been given; is there any way you can match the price over at shop X? I would say that's a question to ask when you're actually ready to buy a bike. It's up to them to decide what to do with the question and up to you to decide what to do with their answer.