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Trek 1500 or Trek 2200(5 posts)

Trek 1500 or Trek 2200Patq
Jun 19, 2003 9:51 AM
I'm looking for a new road bike (I have only had a mtn bike since I wrecked my last trek about 10 years ago). I plan on riding a lot and doing a few triathlons for fun. I was leaning toward the 2200($1450) and then I went into a shop last week and saw the 2004 Trek 1500. It's not on the Trek website yet. As far as I can tell it has most of the components from the 2000(mostly 105 with Tiagra ft der. and no name brakes), wheels from the 2200 and sells for 999. I've had one shop tell me it's not worth the extra cost for the 2200(they have both in stock); I should just buy clipless pedals for the 1500 and save the other $350. I had another shop tell me that the 2200 is unquestionably the way to go. If it makes a difference I will spend the extra money but if not... Thanks for the help,

re: Trek 1500 or Trek 2200geeker
Jun 19, 2003 12:16 PM
Economically, the 1500 sounds like a great deal: same frame/fork/wheels, mostly 105 drivetrain, $350 less. (I personally care more about frameset/wheels than gruppo, YMMV.) But it boils down to what you prefer and would be more likely to ride more.

One thing comes to mind, and maybe the first shop (the one with both models) could answer it: perhaps the 2004 2200 is going to be upgraded in some way (say, with the slightly [2oz quoted] lighter 2003 2300 frameset).

Interesting that the shop with *both models* suggested the cheaper one; they sound like pretty straight shooters. Did the second shop have both in stock?
re: Trek 1500 or Trek 2200Patq
Jun 19, 2003 8:13 PM
Thanks for the reply. I greatly appreciate your input. Both shops had both bikes in the appropriate sizes in stock. The one that suggested that I go with the 1500 said that the next real noticeable upgrade was the 5000 series. They said "sure they would like to sell me the more expensive bike but the 1500 is a really good value." They weren't suggesting that I look at tghe 5200 they were just telling me their opinion because they knew that it was out of my league. The other shop basically was ignoring the 1500. Their opinion was that the ultegra/105 setup was definitely worth the extra money. The shop that recommended the 1500 told me they think Trek came out with the 1500 in that price range because they were getting whipped by similarly equipped Specialized bikes. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help. I'll probably go back to the shop that recommended the 1500 tomorrow and pick their brains some more and then buy from them.

Sh!tty brakes, but very good deal.Eug
Jun 19, 2003 5:56 PM
Different wheels - supposedly better - than my 2002 2000 (Tiagra hubs with 32 3X 14G and Aurora Matrix rims). Otherwise it seems very similar to my 2000. I don't like my brakes though. The tension screw wouldn't stay in place for one (until I glued it there), and it just doesn't seem to hold an adjustment that well. So I just bought some Ultegra brakes.

The only problem with the 2000 is that you can't get a double crankset. However, in my case it didn't matter since I wanted a triple anyway. (I'm also coming from mountain biking, BTW.)
Sh!tty brakes, but very good deal.Patq
Jun 19, 2003 8:17 PM
The 1500 also is only a triple(that I've seen anyway) but that's what I want anyway so it works out ok. I guess I can follow your lead and upgrade the brakes and front derailleur if I'm not happy and I'll still be ahead of the game. Who knows? Thanks again,