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The Hard Road review(6 posts)

The Hard Road reviewThe Human G-Nome
Jun 18, 2003 1:02 PM
well, i don't have much time (because i'm at work), but in general i got pretty much what i expected from this flick - some great U.S footage from prominent criteriums and road races and some good insight into what it takes to be a pro rider in the U.S.

as expected, most of the riders detailed their problems with their relationships in relation to cycling whether it be parents, brother or significant other. you also get a good sense of the sacrifice and suffering that goes into trying to score a job that only pays about 10 grand a year. it was nice to see the film take you through a full race season and a pretty much continuous timeline.
re: The Hard Road reviewPT
Jun 18, 2003 1:17 PM
I got my DVD yesterday and watched it and would agree with what was said above. I must say that Graham Miller was an inspiration -- I can't use the excuse that I'm over the hill anymore... My only complaint (?) about the show was since it was pretty much a targeted production (realistically, how many non-cyclist are gonna care?), I wish they would have done even more with strategy and how the races played out. What they did with that was interesting, but I know they only scratched the surface.

I don't recognize the names of any of the rookies as current domestic stars -- does anyone have info on them?
re: The Hard Road reviewNo_sprint
Jun 18, 2003 1:29 PM
Hilton Clarke is still one of the fastest. He was riding with Shroeder Iron and Jamie last year. Not sure about this year.
Hilton rides for Barloworld - a Sth Afr. Div 3 team (nm)climbo
Jun 18, 2003 5:27 PM
re: The Hard Road reviewnoveread
Jun 19, 2003 7:47 AM
Matt Yates rides on a Belgiam D3 team called Team Down Under. His journal entries are interesting.

Mike Tillman rides for Schroeder Iron

Don't know what happened to the other three.

Oh yeah, Jay Bausch also rides for Schroeder... nmnoveread
Jun 19, 2003 9:04 AM