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Clipless shoe hardware wears out over time?(8 posts)

Clipless shoe hardware wears out over time?aliensporebomb
Jun 18, 2003 5:05 AM
I've got a pair of Diadorra Cosmo shoes and SPD-R pedals
and hardware.

The bike shop mounted the hardware on the shoe but the
allen screws that holds the hardware to the bottom of
the shoe were not long enough to keep both the actual
hardware that clips into the pedal AND the rubber bumpers
that prevents the hardware from getting all scuffed up
on there. So I had to go bumperless.

I shrugged and just used the shoes with the hardware
as-is and no bumpers. I learned to do the cyclists
duckwalk and even could walk on linoleum floors without
slipping too bad.

I took a peek at the bottom of my shoes after my rides
this past weekend and holy moly, the metal hardware is
pretty worn - the actual allen screws holding the
hardware to the bottom of the shoe are so worn I'll
probably need to replace them that is if I can remove
them - it looks like it's been on there for a thousand
years (well, about 1200 miles).

After thinking about it, I'm almost thinking of getting
mountain bike shoes with the clipless hardware recessed
into the shoe so that when you walk you don't damage or
put wear on the clipless hardware.

Are there any road specific shoes that do this? The
shoes are comfortable but the whole idea that the
hardware is on the bottom just means it's going to get
worn again.

Ideas? I like the way the Shimano SPD-R clip in and out
but if there's a better system I'd consider it.
When it's time to remove the hardware...biknben
Jun 18, 2003 5:18 AM
You may need to drill the heads off the screws because the head has been damaged.

When you replace them get longer screws to allow the addition of the bumpers.

FWIW: I've never been able to remove mtb cleats with an allen wrench. The screw heads get corroded and worn. The allen wrench just strips what is left of the head. I drill the heads off and them put on new cleats.
My solutionScot_Gore
Jun 18, 2003 5:45 AM
I've posted this in the past, so my apologies to those that this is a re-run for.

I generally ride somewhere and end up doing a little walking around, but still wanted a road shoe/pedal when I was making my shoe pedal choice. I ended up getting LAKE CX125 shoes. They have a hard rubber heel and toe pad. I use Speedplays. With the Speedplay cleat cap and the heel & toe pads it makes for a reasonably level walking platform. I've not seen the CX125 offered for quite some time, but the CX115's have the same sole.

The bottom (picture only in this message)Scot_Gore
Jun 18, 2003 6:02 AM
Lake CX11x's available at...HAL9010
Jun 18, 2003 9:00 AM
CX115's available from Nashbar, $64.99

CX125's (same as 115's) from Price Point, $24.98.

Lake CX11x's available at...aliensporebomb
Jun 18, 2003 10:55 AM
Give up the ghost!filtersweep
Jun 18, 2003 6:49 AM
SPD-Rs really REALLY bite! Have you noticed they no longer make them? I'm a recovering SPD-R user, currently using the new SL system that is as close to a panacea as it gets. The "pontoons" are built right into the cleat, so they are easy to walk on, and not nearly as fussy for adjusting. There are no adaptor plates needed for any normal road shoe. They do not squeak like the Looks (damn century I rode last weekend with a Look user... I'm still hearing the squeaks). The Ultegras run about $100. They snap reliably.

Of course, plastic cleats will wear- but ANYTHING you wear on concrete will wear out eventually.
Give up the ghost!aliensporebomb
Jun 18, 2003 10:26 AM
The SPD-R pedals are what came with my road bike (Giant
TCR 2 model).

I figured they were no longer making them but I wouldn't mind the SL's if I knew they were going to be a good upgrade.

The biggest problem with the SPD-R pedals is that they
actually unclip in a more reliable fashion when moving
my ankles INWARDS towards the bike instead of outwards
like you're supposed to.

I'd hate to spend $100 to find out I don't like them. The
thing is: I learned to ride clipless on these darn SPD-R
pedals and if the SL's are the same type of motion it will
be a no brainer but if I have to learn a new muscle memory
movement it will be a royal PITA at $100. Sigh.

Maybe I'll go for the SL's. Who has them for a good price?