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Need advice on potential scam(3 posts)

Need advice on potential scamskateparks
Jun 18, 2003 4:41 AM
I received this email this morning regarding a kids road bike that I have for sale. Seems really sketchy to me, tons of gammatical errors but no spelling errors? Anyone gotten one of these emails before?

I'm really interested in your 'advert' so much,I saw the ad when browsing
through;I hope it is a very good condition.
My name is -------------;I'm a business man here in Egypt,where
everyone wears a smile..
My method of payment is an American certified cashier's check that is drawn
in USA Banks.
And i'm very much interested in buying your stuff.I'll like you to mail me
today,and i'll want to know your last price(The last offer)
Do you do shipping to Africa?I have a shipping agent of mine in west africa
that really handle my shippment procedures.It's no problems.
I'll be happy if really you are interested in selling for me.
I'll be waiting for your mail,
You can send me the pics if really available..
Pls mail me today.
Jun 18, 2003 4:52 AM
Well, the guy probably used babblefish to translate from some other language (maybe French-the most popular language in west Africa?), so that's why the grammar sucks, but the spelling is perfect.

FWIW, the "American certified cashier's check that is drawn
in USA Banks" is going to be a forgery. Think about it-where does a guy in Egypt get a US cashier's check??? BTW, I seriously doubt that this guy is actually in Egypt, since he mentions a west african shipper-that's 2000 miles west of Egypt.

If the guy is legitimate (fat chance of that...), then ask for an INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER, and say that you will ship it only after 2 weeks have passed after recieving the order, since so many of these things turn out to be forgeries.

If you get stuck with a forged cashiers check, often times, the teller will initially credit your account, then later, an examiner will remove that credit, when the forgery is discovered. By that time, your stuff is on a slow boat to Nigeria, and you've been screwed.
Hit BS (nm)biknben
Jun 18, 2003 5:11 AM