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Any Thoughts on REI Novara Strada/REI Novaras Generally?(3 posts)

Any Thoughts on REI Novara Strada/REI Novaras Generally?Russ1
Jun 17, 2003 8:04 PM
Hi All,
I test rode a Strada (al frame, all 105 components) this w/end and it felt really good. Any experiences/thoughts on this bike, Novara road bikes generally? The carbon fork did a lot of dampening, and I like the REI warranty deal. Also, it seems a lot of bikes in this price range ($1100) mix components, 105 w/ cheaper stuff. The Strada is all 105. Thoughts?
Also, it seems I can fit pretty well on a 55 or a 56. All other things being equal (which they rarely are, though we all use that phrase with abandon) is there a reason to choose bigger or smaller if both seem to work?
Thanks in advance for all responses.
Good value for the $, but one possible issue...cory
Jun 18, 2003 8:21 AM
I don't have a Novara, but a couple of friends do as second bikes, and I might if the size range didn't run out before it gets to me. Seem like good value for the money, and they're happy with theirs.
There's an issue that may or may not concern you, though. We got an REI here three years or so ago. Since then we've lost three local bike shops, and others are struggling.
The prices and service at REI don't seem any better, and the selection is narrower, but new riders and casual cyclists know the name. They assume they'll do better there, and they don't look anywhere else.
FWIW, the high-end shops say they haven't been hurt. But the middle range, the family shops and the guys you can count on to adjust your derailleur or whatever without an appointment are down quite a bit.
I've always thought they were overpriced....nmbicyclerepairman
Jun 18, 2003 3:03 PM