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Something that made me smile..(1 post)

Something that made me smile..eschelon
Jun 17, 2003 11:28 AM
I was doing my usual 40 miles know, nothing fast or furious. Half way through, I do my turn-around thing and then proceed back home...and then pull up next to a group of guys (6 of them) and we exchange pleasentries at the red light and then start moving along. I noticed these guys weren't going as slow as myself so I figured I'll jump into their paceline and make it home quicker since I lost some time earlier with a flat.

I end up behind their pace leader and he is moving...he's pulling all of us at about 25 mph...I thought to myself, at this pace I'll be home in no time! And then the leader pulls off and then I proceed to do my turn...and then I pull off after a few seconds and then start to position myself back into the paceline...but wait! where's the other guys? There's only 3 other guys now...what happended to the other 3 dudes? I look back see that they are about 50 yards behind trying to keep us in sight. The three still left is still pushing the I hop back in...funny thing I noticed was that these guys were doing really long pulls...I'd say about 20 seconds longer than I did and then we rotated with me once more and then on their next rotation after they did their pulls, they blew up and fell back...I could hear their breathing and see their agony...I wanted to say to these guys why they were pulling for so long...but I left it at that and went on my way.

Judging by their bikes, and their attire, I'd say they weren't the usual club riders I am used to riding during the week...rather these guys seemed like they were just getting into the bike thing...It's interesting to note how much I've learned and accomplished up to now...and it's only going to get better...I'd say these guys, if they stick to it, have got plenty of great experiences and memories to be gotten just ahead in time.