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I have become a serious Fred!(24 posts)

I have become a serious Fred!toomanybikes
Jun 17, 2003 5:13 AM
So the weather is getting hotter and I decide to buy a new helmet with more venting. Then I decide last night to go for a quick ride after dinner and throw the new helmet on. The Visor was still attached, and I kind of liked it, a little help with the evening sun, etc. But man there I am poundig along with my shiny helmet - with a Visor!!!

As if that weren't bad enough, I went for a ride yesterday morning, thought I'd go nice and early before anyone else woke up.

About 15 miles from the house, on my way back and climbing the worst hill of the ride I hear a noise that sounds like a rifle shot and I instantly have a wobble in the front wheel - One of my Spokes snapped!!!!!!

So there I am in full riding kit on a no excuses race bike riding my last 15 miles at about 6 miles per hour, sitting up, looking around, taking the corners REAL slow, etc.

I am sure all the others who were out were looking at me and thinking "Geez look at that Putz - who does he think he is?"

On the plus side, I got to actually see the scenery for a change.
on the upside, that's the first step to recovery. nmJS Haiku Shop
Jun 17, 2003 5:22 AM
re: I have become a serious Fred!mackgoo
Jun 17, 2003 5:57 AM
And who would you rather be Fabio?
Not so fredlyMy Dog Wally
Jun 17, 2003 5:57 AM
I did a ride yesterday with the Cascade Bike Club, and I'd say that about 75 percent of the 25 riders wore helmets with visors on them. But then, we never quite know how to behave when the sun is shining in Seattle.
As a favorRCA
Jun 17, 2003 6:19 AM
I will list my fredlyness and then you will feel better
My helmet has a visor (Its covered in black flies by the end of my ride)
My bike has a kickstand (the kids say -you yell at us for leaving bikes lying around)
Mountain shoes (way easier to walk in)
I have a rack on back (water spray and I carry stuff)
The main thing is I am out riding my bike

Me too!RickC5
Jun 17, 2003 1:11 PM
My helmet has a visor.
My shoes are MTB shoes (YES, much easier to walk in).
I have been know to ride my road bike in baggy MTB shorts and a t-shirt.

Of course, I look just fine when I'm riding my MTB, but MTB riders don't care anyway.
Why do people hate visors so much?Eug
Jun 17, 2003 6:31 AM
What's the big deal anyway?
I'm trying to nurse my knee back to healthFrith
Jun 17, 2003 6:34 AM
So I'm out for some really slow rides pushing really small gears. Other roadies are flying by me and I'm just wondering what they're thinking of the guy spinning at a cadence of about 110 and only doing about 10mph.
what's wrong with a visor?gregario
Jun 17, 2003 6:42 AM
I wish more helmets had them. They're perfect for riding early in the morning or in the evening. Beats being blinded by the sun.
Visorsmapei boy
Jun 17, 2003 10:37 AM
Back before helmets became de rigeur, everybody used to wear cycling caps. They had wonderful visors you could flip up or down as the situation warranted. You could wear the visor so it shielded the back of your neck. You could twist the cap to an angle, hip-hop style, to shield your eyes if the sun came at you from the side. When helmets became a near mandatory cycling accessory, this marvelous eye protection seemed to become a no-no. Suddenly, it seems you were supposed to just squint. I resisted wearing helmets for a while, simply because I didn't want to go blind.

Eventually, of course, I did start wearing a helmet...and a road helmet, too. What I do is either buy or salvage an old visor and then velcro it to the helmet. If you put enough velcro in enough places, you can do a lot of adjusting of the thing. Yes, the visors blow off occasionally, but you can always scrounge another one.
re: I have become a serious Fred!Mazinger
Jun 17, 2003 6:51 AM
Since this is a road bike forum, I'm assuming you're riding one. Doesn't the visor block your view since you ride a bit more hunched over on a road bike?
Visors are also good for...paulg
Jun 17, 2003 6:53 AM
Keeping most of the rain off your glasses or whatever eye protection you are wearing in wet weather. I always snap mine on when its wet out.

hunching is poor form...and probably bad for the back. nmSteve_0
Jun 17, 2003 7:14 AM
broken spoke !african
Jun 17, 2003 6:56 AM
Yeah I know how you feel, on Sundays ride I broke a spoke. So I have to peel off the pack from going 25 plus to doing 12 on the mut (trail) with roller bladers mountain bikes passing me and I am in a pro kit. Oh and I did the same thing the week before, yeah 2 broken spokes in one week and I had to ride the trail at 12 mph sheeeeeeezzzzzz......
pro's dont use visors on
Jun 17, 2003 7:45 AM
most roadies dont, its about tradition...of course, most pros dont even want to use a helmet but now must. Last few helmets I bought had removeable visors..have left them on, oh the horror! I am a fred! woooowooowooo...
Jun 17, 2003 8:15 AM
Pros use those dorky looking cycling caps under their helmet on rainy days (I do too). The visor on the cap is the same as having one on the helmet.

I have a helmet with the visor removed. I need to remind myself to put it on next time I go out in the rain. We'll see if it's better than the cycling cap method.
Sorry about the busted spoke.dzrider
Jun 17, 2003 8:19 AM
I know how you feel about that visor. I just put the handlebar bag on for next month's brevets. As if that weren't bad enough it means I can ride without pockets, so I wear these old Asics running shirts over my bibs. Good thing I ride alone most of the time. My bike's embarassed to be seen with me.
I've never taken visors as a sign of...Dwayne Barry
Jun 17, 2003 9:19 AM
fredliness, I've always assumed it was a mountain biker out on their road bike. But now that I think about it why do mountain bikers (relatively speaking) tend to favor the visor?

I also, have never considered someone riding slowly to be behaving fredly. Afterall even fast guys should be riding slowly part of the time if they're following any kind of training protocol.
I've never taken visors as a sign of...Mazinger
Jun 17, 2003 9:57 AM
I used to have a different helmet when I MTB. I used one with a visor. No fuctionality really since I'm in the middle of the woods and there's no bright sunshine/glare anyway.

My reason for using it.....

it doesn't look as dorky as one without a visor.
it helps...ClydeTri
Jun 17, 2003 10:02 AM
visors help somewhat keeping limbs/brush off your face...
very true...peter1
Jun 17, 2003 7:57 PM
That's the only benefit for mtb'ing I've found. I thought the visor thing started with the Troy Lee Designs/motoX crossover in the mid-90s. Motocrossers used em, so the downhillers/huckers who wanted to be like them copied the style. I find that visors block my vision on the road when I'm in the drops. (I know, get a taller stem...)

I wear sunglasses to block the sun.
welcome to club fredtarwheel
Jun 17, 2003 10:04 AM
I don't use a visor, but I've got a bar-end mirror and a high stem. If that makes me a fred, then I gladly accept the label. I would rather be safe and comfortable.
Yup, forgot to mention the MTB shoes!toomanybikes
Jun 17, 2003 7:55 PM
wearing them for years.

I'm prone to a bit of a ligament pull on the underside of my foot. Have always found the heel cups on MTB shoes hold my foot much more firmly in place than do raod shoes.

If my foot is held tighter in the heel cup, I can still walk the next day, easy decision!
this came up on mtbr not long ago...reklar
Jun 18, 2003 12:07 AM
The answer over there was that visors obscure vision while in the drops. As you are more upright on a MTB it is less of an issue. The benefit on MTB for me is that if I am coming down a technical singletrack at speed often the sun will suddenly pop out and be very bright in my face in the late afternoon. In that case the visor = crash protection! Not an issue as much for the road as there are fewer obstacles...