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Upgrading from Sora to 105, Ultegra..(5 posts)

Upgrading from Sora to 105, Ultegra..suedehead
Jun 16, 2003 7:41 PM
so, if i were to do this .. what parts do i NEED to buy, and what parts can stay?
also.. how inexpensively could i do this?

just wondering.
re: Upgrading from Sora to 105, Ultegra..astrobiker
Jun 16, 2003 8:18 PM
I am going from 105 to Ultegra on an attrition basis. When something dies, I put on the upgraded replacement. So far, bottom bracket at about 5000 miles and RD at about 7000 miles. I wouldn't bother switching out parts if they are working fine.
Jun 17, 2003 5:29 AM
Sora is 8 speed. 105 & Ultegra are 9 speed. If you change shifters, you'll also need to change cassettes and the chain and -possibly- the crankset/chainrings, though you'll likely not have a problem with that. Otherwise, everything else should be compatible.

For the price you'll pay to upgrade the entire bike, you could likely buy a nice, lightly used bike with the same level components.
Jun 17, 2003 8:36 AM
As stated above, you will be changing lots (like, almost all) of your drivetrain components to go from 8 spd to 9spd. Unless your Sora is severly worn out, there is certaintly nothing wrong with it (despite what others may say). If you have upgrade-itis, your most economical solution is to purchase a whole new bike and either sell the existing one or keep it as a backup/rain bike.
Jun 17, 2003 8:49 AM
thanks, my whole reason for posting was to see if it was really worth it, but it doesn't seem like it.
i will stick to my original plan of saving up for something with better components or a custom!