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paging terryb. re: routes in albuquerque(12 posts)

paging terryb. re: routes in albuquerquetheBreeze
Jun 16, 2003 11:47 AM
I saw your message on the MUT thread below.
I am going to be in Albq for the day on Wed and am looking for a longish (50-60 mile) ride. Having done a serious mountain ride this past weekend, and anticipating another later this week, I am happy with something relatively flat. I saw an Albq perimeter route in "Road Biking New Mexico". Any good? It basically uses Tramway, Paseo del Norte, Paseo de Volcan and swings east somewhere around the airport to Gibson. Uses some bike paths, and other connector stuff. Kind of confusing in spots. I know Albq well enough to drive, but not so good to ride.

Any suggestions welcome.

loooong answerterry b
Jun 16, 2003 12:55 PM
the perimeter route is a pretty good one with some sections I like and others I don't really care for.

The east side piece is okay - Tramway is a nice ride with a huge wide shoulder/bike lane. Coming from the north, (say the I25-Tramway intersection) it starts with a 5-mile long, 4-5% grade griding hill then levels out onto some rollers. I prefer to come from the south which (if I remember correctly is the way the perimeter describes it) since you get all the benefit of the rollers without having to climb that long, boring hill. I ride the rest of the perimeter regularly, in particular the Bosque Bike Path (the one I was defending below.) A decent ride would be to start at it's beginning (Alameda by the river), head south, do the length of it, do some cross town riding, pick up Tramway (perhaps near Central or Constitution) ride Tramway and then head back across the north side of town to Alameda. I'm guessing 40-50 miles.

The part of the perimeter I don't like is the west side that goes out to Paseo del Volcan. From the south end of the Bosque Path, you climb up Rio Bravo (good hill) then connect with Volcan out on the west mesa. This part is okay and the loop out by Double Eagle Airport is nice but the ride back in through Paradise Hills is on tight, busy roads in many places without a shoulder or bike lane. I avoid it mainly because it isn't that nice and I'm a chicken.

Not sure where you're starting from but one other choice might be to catch the Bosque Path, cut across the river, ride north through Corrales (where I live) out onto 528 and then north to Jemez Dam. Rollers and a couple of good climbs, probably 50 miles round trip if you're staying in the city. You can also take a nice ride out on 550 (from the 528 intersection) to San Ysidro (about 25 miles from the instersection.) Beautiful red-rock canyon country with some decent, but not ugly climbs. 550 is newly re-done with a huge shoulder.

The two other MUTs - Paseo del Noreste and the one that shadows the central diversion channel (from Paseo del Norte to UNM) are less scenic than the Bosque Path but a literally abandoned. I rarely see more than 2-3 people on them even during peak hours on the weekend.

One of my favorites is to take the first mile of the Bosque Path to Paseo del Norte, ride it to the diversion channel path, south to the cut off onto Paseo del Noreste, east, slow climb to the heights to the end at Pennsylvania, south to Constitution (by Winrock,) east again to Tramway and then back down to Alameda. That's a 50 for me from my house.

here are a couple of links with some rides described. check out "ride maps" this is a map of the city MUT system.
Jun 16, 2003 1:39 PM
I will be staying out at Gibson and Yale, but will have my car and can start anywhere. I know Corrales pretty well, used to have friends that lived there. Any best time of day to avoid traffic through there? Commute time I suppose.

I like the idea of the Bosque Path. Maybe I'll even swing by the Botanic Gardens and see if the Butterfly house is open.

Thanks again for the info. I you're ever in the north here and want to do something besides the Santa Fe Century let me know.
one noteterry b
Jun 16, 2003 2:30 PM
Corrales has recently completed the paving on Loma Larga (back road along the main canal) including a nice bike lane. There is still a bumpy section between Meadowlark and Cabezon, but that's only about 1/2 a mile. Loma Larga is almost always empty, except for 7-8 and 4-6. Even then, the only busy section is the one bumpy part. Corrales is really great for just cruising. A nice ride would be to park at Alameda, head north into Corrales, cut across on Calle de Cuervo (in front of the apartments,) ride up Loma Larga to where it intersects Corrales Road (about 7 miles from Alameda) head back south on Corrales Road, reconnect with the path at the Alameda Parking lot and cruise down to the Gardens. That alone I'd guess is about 15 miles on country roads. If you did the entire Bosque Path south and back to Alameda, you'd have a nice, peaceful 45-55 mile ride. (the path alone round trip from Alameda is 31 miles.)

The Butterfly house is open as far as I know - the bike path runs about 15 feet from it. From there south, you go past the zoo, under Bridge St., and down to Rio Bravo. South of Rio B is a 5.5 mile loop that heads along the river, turns east, the north and then west back along Rio B. Again, empty.

I'll take you up on a ride up north sometime, thanks for the offer.
re: paging terryb. re: routes in albuquerqueCrankist
Jun 17, 2003 5:46 AM
Terry's response really covered it well. I have nothing further to add except I'd be happy to meet you at Rio Bravo/Bosque MUT for a 40 miler or so after work, about 4:15 Wed.
hilly albuquerque ridebrian n
Jun 17, 2003 6:15 AM
this brings back memories of when i spent my summers working at Sandia.

if you want a Really hilly ride, you could always ride out of town on Central Ave/rte 66 through the canyon, hang a left onto north 14, and then hang a left on the road up the mountain (highway 536) past the ski area to Sandia Crest (where the tram ends up). Probably not a good idea to do late in the afternoon when the thunderstorms come out and play.

guaranteed 5000+ feet of climbing, in about 30-35 miles (most in the last 12 or so!).


Hey Miketerry b
Jun 17, 2003 7:56 AM
Think I saw you twice on Saturday - you were first headed north (just south of the Tingley pass thru) and then heading south (just south of Bridge, riding with a woman)

Was that you?
Hey MikeCrankist
Jun 17, 2003 8:11 AM
Heck yes. My delicate flower has graced me with her riding presence twice this month. Also on Father's Day I announced that(in my best guilt-issuing parental voice)"all I want from my family this year is a simple family bike ride down the lane." It worked.
I tend to recognize people first by the bike, but you are a man of too many faces! Do hollar next time.
Hey Miketerry b
Jun 17, 2003 8:58 AM
Sorry, I almost turned around the first time and came back to say "hey" but I wasn't sure. The second time I passed you I was pretty sure but was in the "time to get home" mode.

Next time I will.
Thanks againtheBreeze
Jun 17, 2003 8:26 AM
Mike, I appreciate the offer to meet (I guess you meant me, or maybe terry?) but I have the whole day and plan a morning start. I have to head back up to Santa Fe in the afternoon. I'm thinking of parking at the Bosque Path access at either Bridge or Rio Bravo. Any one better than the other? Is parking pretty secure?

Re a hilly ride. I get plenty of hills up here. Rode Pojoaque to Jemez Springs through Los Alamos last Sunday, and will be doing it again this Sunday (apparently I am slow to learn and a glutton for punishment.) It'll be a treat to do something flatter for a change.
Thanks againCrankist
Jun 17, 2003 8:57 AM
Yes, invitation was for you - and I was going to bring free passes for Bio Park/Zoo as well. Crap, you really blew it :)
Secure parking does not exist at either; take your pick.
A.M. ride is a better idea, temps are significantly hotter down here, but unaccountably I seem to thrive in it.
Have fun, maybe next time.
parkingterry b
Jun 17, 2003 9:03 AM
as Mike said, neither is secure. The little lot just north of Bridge (where Tingley turns east) though is much more public and hence slightly more secure. Central is probably the very best best and only 1.25 miles north, and you could even park at the Biopark, perhaps best of all.

Enjoy your ride.