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differences in cable cutters(11 posts)

differences in cable cuttersWhoWasThat
Jun 16, 2003 6:46 AM
Several brands of cable/housing cutters line the wall at my LBS. A couple of them market themselves as "Shimano SIS compatible." Others don't, but look mechanically identical. What gives?
Don't know.Spoke Wrench
Jun 16, 2003 7:17 AM
Here's what I do know. Cheap cable cutters suck! Few things are more frustrating than a cable cutter that consistently leaves one or two cable strands uncut.
Are these good?tronracer
Jun 16, 2003 8:36 AM

They're made for industrial aircraft use????
No good!Live Steam
Jun 16, 2003 8:52 AM
Good cable cutters for bicycle cables have a rounded cuttu=ing edge. These sheer the cable strands vs. pinching them. When stranded cable is pinched, the strands tend to seperate rather than stay tightly wound. The cutters iI mentioned are also better for cutting housing for the same reasons.
re: differences in cable cutterstigermilk
Jun 16, 2003 8:44 AM
In general it seems like most bike tools are cheaply made. Just go to Sears or Home Depot and get some quality tools. I picked up a set of cutters from HD and the produced a very clean cut. Probably overkill for the task, but they work like a charm.
re: differences in cable cuttersgtx
Jun 16, 2003 9:45 AM
Either the Shimano or Park cable cutters will be fine for consumer use. The best ones for shop use are the Felcos. All of these should work fine for brake and der cable, and der cable housing. For cutting brake housing use Craftsman or similar diagonal cutters and file off the rough edges (bench grinder is ideal).
Felcos are the best and what's for sale on E-bay. nmdzrider
Jun 16, 2003 10:48 AM
wonder where they got those...gtx
Jun 16, 2003 10:55 AM
not bad for $18 or whatever--I think they are pretty spendy new/retail. We used to cut spokes out of wheels with them (bad, lazy practice, I know...) Never saw a pair wear out.
re: differences in cable cuttersB2
Jun 16, 2003 11:58 AM
I shelled out the bucks for a Park Cable Cutter only to find that they work just as good as the snub nosed wire cutters I had been using. They both cut the cable nice and neat, but crimp the housing a bit. I usually have to do a little trimming on the housing after the first cut to square it up.

I use snub nose wire cutters tooDave Hickey
Jun 16, 2003 12:58 PM
Never had a problem. For housing, I stick a piece of old cable in the housing and cut. It keeps the housing from crimping. I stole one of my wifes emery boards and file down the end of the housing.
re: differences in cable cuttersclintb
Jun 18, 2003 8:19 PM
Pedros has a pair that's identical to Felco's. Half the price IIRC.