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For better or for worse...Did I do all right?(16 posts)

For better or for worse...Did I do all right?Kristin
Jun 15, 2003 9:09 PM
I chatted with the owner of the Trek 900 and got some more info, including the following:

"Top tube length is 22.5 " center to center. I'm guessing the frame was made in the late 80's to early 90's because of the 7-speed thing, don't know precisely. The serial number could probably tell you. As for the paint, I stripped it to bare steel and primered and top coated it. Most of the components are originals. The crankset was a demotion in rank from the original LX, but the newer disign of the STX-RC arms is stiffer. The XT cantilevers are an upgrade from the original LX."

The TT & ST are the same lengths as the Trek comfort bike geometry, so I'm guessing the fit will be pretty similar...with only differences in the STA and HTA. Not bad. I won the bike for $102.50. Did I do all right?
re: For better or for worse...Did I do all right?russw19
Jun 15, 2003 10:27 PM
Kristin, looking at the pics of that bike, I would say it's a $150 to $175 bike. Assuming it doesn't need any new parts right away, and keeping in mind that's what I would say it's worth in my market. Used bikes where I live are plentiful, so that lowers what you pay for them. Your market may be slightly different.

So if you pay less than $75 to have the bike shipped to you and built (provided you don't do it yourself) then I would say you got a fair deal.

Even if you end up a few dollars over that amount, I wouldn't say you did bad, but if you stay under that, then I would say you did well.

Good luck, and happy riding.

I think you did fine, but is it gonna fit?Ligon
Jun 16, 2003 5:18 AM
Looks like you got a decent price for the bike. My only concern would be the fit. Although, I have no idea how tall you are i'm 6-2" and that frame would fit me. Anyway, I hope it works and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Nice Job,

It should fit me fine. I'd be skeptical that it would fit you.Kristin
Jun 16, 2003 5:37 AM
In Treks MTB line, I would suspect a person of 6'2" stature would require a 22.5" to 24" frame. Unless you have unusually short legs. This Trek has a 19.5" ST and a 22.5" TT, which would make it a 19.5" frame size. Those measurments are almost identicle to the ST & TT lengths of a Trek 800 Hybrid--which I've test ridden and fits me. The only thing that would be different from the one I test rode are the angles and the chain stay length. And those--to me--aren't as big a deal as the ST & TT.

So I believe it should fit. If you see some flaw in my calculations, please feel free to point it out. I'd be very sad if it arrived on my doorstep and was too big.
It should fit me fine. I'd be skeptical that it would fit you.rwbadley
Jun 16, 2003 6:50 AM
My son is six foot even, and he rides a 19" mtb.

I'm 5'11" and ride an 18" mtb.
Very similar to one I bought last yearMel Erickson
Jun 16, 2003 6:17 AM
A neighbor had a Trek 800? which I bought for $125. It's in perfect working order with STX RC components. One small area on the chainstay that was touched up, otherwise the paint is perfect. It's the purple/blue color shifting type paint. $102.50 sounds fair. For that price what's $25 either way? As long as it's sound, functional and needs no major repairs it's better than a Wally World bike at twice the price!
I think you done good.KG 361
Jun 16, 2003 7:25 AM
That would have been my choice.
Great. But now I'm confused about fit????Kristin
Jun 16, 2003 8:20 AM
Below is the Geometry for the '03 Trek 800 and the 8000 (the 8000 being more of a real mountain bike). If the TT were longer (like the 8000, I would think it would be too big. But 22.5" should be all right if that is the same eff. TT length for the 19.5" Trek 800 which fits me fine and is even a little bit TOO upright for my liking.

The measurment for the Trek 900, which I now own, is:

TT = 22.5"
ST = 19.5"

Will the Trek 900 be tooooo big for me? What am I missing here? I'm in extreme pain today and I'm freaking out here!
I'm no expert on TreksMel Erickson
Jun 16, 2003 9:32 AM
However, if the dimensions are basically the same between the 800 and 900, except for HT and ST angles, I wouldn't worry too much. Besides, it's just $100. You could easily spend that on a sun dress! You can sell it at a garage sale for about the same if it's not what you want. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. If you had to eat the whole thing a $100 lesson is hardly a high price to pay.
How tall are you?853
Jun 16, 2003 9:54 AM
I am 5'10" and ride a 17" MTB.
Knowing how tall you are, your inseam length and your current road bike size would help us, help you.
Well I appear to be growingKristin
Jun 16, 2003 10:15 AM
I was 5'6.5", then my doctor told me I was 5'7". Now I go to the chiropracter this morning and they tell me I'm 5'8". Even if the bike is too big, I supose I could save it for 2 years. ;-)

Seriously. I am right around 5'7" with either an 81 or 82cm inseam (I always forget). I'm very long in the leg (esp. femur) and very short in the waist--though you can't tell to look at me.
Great. But now I'm confused about fit????Marketing Dept
Jun 16, 2003 10:26 AM
I think you may be comparing road bike spec's to mountain bike spec's?

Mountain bikes run a lower top tube than our road bikes have to allow for plenty of bail out room.

If you are planning on using this for a road ride and currently ride a 55-56 road bike, you should be OK if you use a shorter stem or don't mind streatching out.
If it doesn't fit right, you can always sell it.......MR_GRUMPY
Jun 16, 2003 8:15 AM
and not lose anything................
, unless, when you get it, it looks like this........
Holy cow. That group has seen too many rainy rides.Kristin
Jun 16, 2003 8:22 AM
Is it yours?
correction: too much rain and too few rides! nmJS Haiku Shop
Jun 16, 2003 8:30 AM
That's what Campy 10 speed looks like ..................MR_GRUMPY
Jun 16, 2003 8:51 AM
after a few years...........................Just kidding