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How much would you pay for SI-- Lance signed ?(5 posts)

How much would you pay for SI-- Lance signed ?teoteoteo
Jun 14, 2003 4:14 PM
My friend held a big Lance Armstrong Foundation Benefit today and had a lot of Lance signed items for raffle/silent Auction

I was pretty surprised a signed, framed copy of his SI sportsman of the year went for only $300. All of my Lance collection is personlized so I could never sell but what would SI cover be worth?
Well, it depends....cydswipe
Jun 14, 2003 4:56 PM
I would NEVER pay for an autograph on eBay or at a card show etc. I would donate at an event like you describe. Benefits are the best. That way you know it's a legit signature. In Lance's case, the cause is well worth the donation. I see a lot of fake signatures, not only Lance. I hate the thought of giving a penny to these creeps who forge autographs. I'd probably donate at least $250 for a mag cover. SI covers garner a bit more, like $400. Show us a pic of your collection! I bet it's damn impressive from what pics you show on the board.
New Digi on the way....teoteoteo
Jun 14, 2003 7:58 PM
I'll post some tour/Lance goodies before I split. My favorite is a Wheaties box reading "To Ted, Get off my wheel!" He was laughing hard at that one.

By the way the storylines are going well and I hope to give you guys some good stuff on the journey. Hope to meet Phillipe, MS, and others. As always I am a bit overcommitted so I'll live with little rest and charge hard to pull that one off. Before I leave I may create a hotmail account just for reader requests. Too much stale TdF coverage out there....
Personalized vs. non-personalized autographsms
Jun 15, 2003 6:56 AM
I do not know much about the sports autograph market, but it is my understanding that personalized autographs are worth substantially less than non-personalized ones. My daughter was in preschool with Cal Ripken's daughter. Although Cal was treated just like everyone else in the car pool line and at school events (i.e., no asking for autographs, etc.), he did appear at a fundraiser for the school and signed stuff. It was my understanding that he would sign almost anything for free so long as it was personalized. If you wanted a non-personalized autograph, you had to buy it through a commercial vendor (for whom he would sign baseballs and the like for a fee). I do not know if Lance has a similar policy and if there is some way that non-personalized autographs can be authenticated. I would expect that the value of the SI peice would depend upon how willing he is to sign such things and how many are on the market.
Zip. Never did understand that autograph thing...cory
Jun 16, 2003 8:20 AM
I've spent a lot of my professional life (jeez, I never thought of myself as having a "professional life" before) around alleged celebrities, and that whole autograph thing is a mystery to me (and to most of them, too). I was in the garage area at Watkins Glen once with Paul Newman back when he was racing pretty seriously, and people outside the ropes were THROWING things at him, hitting him with beer cups and hot dog wrappers, so he'd turn around and pay attention to them. When he did, they'd thrust out scraps of paper and pens and get p!ssed when he wouldn't stand and sign, or let them in so their friends could take pictures. He's usually gracious with fans, and he tried to be obliging, but it was really bizarre. I've seen Lemond in similar circumstances, even after he quit cycling and was driving race cars (he was a pretty decent driver, by the way).
The Newman incident was years ago, before people began to see autographs as investments--you knew they were going to take them home, stuff them in a drawer and throw them away in 10 years. It's worse now--people seem to think the celebs are cheating them if they won't sign a magazine cover the guy can turn around and sell on e-bay. Haven't met Lance, but I'll bet the pressure on him is just huge.
Have I wandered off the point here? Sorry. But I wouldn't pay ANYTHING for the autograph of anyone living that I can think of. Like to have a nice Mark Twain, though.