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A waterbottle that doesn't make the water taste bad?(8 posts)

A waterbottle that doesn't make the water taste bad?Odne
Jun 13, 2003 10:05 AM
Looking for a waterbottle that doesn't "flavor" the water. Any suggestions?
Have tried something that makes the water taste good ...Humma Hah
Jun 13, 2003 10:11 AM
I've been known to store canteens, water bottles, and hydration flasks with a teaspoon of full-strength booze in them. Vodka would probably not add a taste. Brandy does, but it is a taste I like.

In principle, the right grade of polyethylene should NOT add a taste.
Wash and rinse, never had a hint o' flavorretro
Jun 13, 2003 10:15 AM
I use Specialized bottles (because I like the attached caps--I lose the loose kind). I rinse and let them dry after every use, wash with detergent maybe once a week or so, and I've never tasted anything.
Here's the fix .......guaranteed!!!coonass
Jun 13, 2003 10:43 AM
a) fill water bottle 3/4 full with clear vinegar.
b) add water to fill to the rim.
c) close spout and shake bottle for 5 seconds.
d) open spout and let bottle set for 24 HOURS.
e) pour out, and rinse once.
I guarantee, there will not be a vinegar or plastic smell or taste.....the water will taste as though it came from a clean glass.
Second that! Vinegar is the way to go!BergMann
Jun 14, 2003 6:22 PM
Your water will actually taste clean and sweet.
I get good results using 1/3 to 1/2 parts white vinegar and letting it stand overnight.
Put a couple drops of your favorite flavor mouthwashLone Gunman
Jun 13, 2003 6:26 PM
in with the water for that minty water taste.
But NOT original Listerine ...Humma Hah
Jun 14, 2003 4:14 PM
... I tried that stuff in a polyethylene canteen once and could taste it for two years. What finally covered the taste was brandy.
Use only clear water bottles (nm)Fred the Cross Poser
Jun 16, 2003 8:28 AM