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Can cranks be too long?(10 posts)

Can cranks be too long?Roger H
Jun 12, 2003 8:10 PM
The cranks on my bike (came with it) are 180 mm. I'm six foot with a 34.5 inch inseam. Could my cranks be too long for my size,or does it matter that much? They seem okay, but I've never tried anything else. Thanks...
re: Can cranks be too long?BrokenSpoke
Jun 12, 2003 8:23 PM
There is a great article on by Lennard Zinn on crank length. Here is the link.
re: yesTime Trial dot org
Jun 13, 2003 4:52 AM
yes, you should be fitted properly, 180 might work for you, 175 (im 6' as well) is what I use, 172.5 is standard, go to a good shop and get fitted
Yes ... I'm 5-10, 34" inseam, 175's are too long for me.Humma Hah
Jun 13, 2003 6:06 AM
If you're comfortable with the 180's they're probably OK for you. If they start bothering your knees, try shorter.

My bet is that you would gain slightly in efficiency with shorter cranks, as your leg would have to do less bending, so you'd lose less energy squishing around soft tissue. But the difference would probably not be worth switching for that reason alone. If you ever need replacements and only shorter cranks are available, give 'em a try and see what you think.
I must be walking exception: 5'5" 31" inseam and use 175mmcyclopathic
Jun 13, 2003 7:32 AM
and actually have more knee trouble with 170
I hear ya... I'm 5'11" and ride 177.5mm Cranks. Love em. -nmrussw19
Jun 13, 2003 2:06 PM
I must be walking exception: 5'10" 31" inseam and use...moschika
Jun 13, 2003 5:47 PM
i use 180's on my ss mtb no problems. been riding them for 4 years.

on my ss commuter i'm using 170's it's what came on the bike. no probs either except some knee pain at first but now, no.

i'll probably get 175's on my next bike, which will be geared for group rides, long rides, etc. figure it's middle of the road and might help with the changes of the 170's and 180's.
here's the thingDougSloan
Jun 13, 2003 8:51 AM
The longer your cranks, the lower your saddle must be to reach at the bottom of the stroke, right? If so, that means your knees will be at more acute angles at the top of the stroke, which can give some people problems similar to having too low a saddle. It puts more stress on your knees because you are bending them more. So, yes, they can be too long, but it ultimately depends on you.

Just an observation.

Doug it's like we're talking about 2 milescyclopathic
Jun 13, 2003 9:42 AM
diff btw 170 and 175mm is 2.9% and about 1degree change in angle. Do your math (or check analyticcycling).
Doug it's like we're talking about 2 milesTJeanloz
Jun 13, 2003 10:34 AM
Could you tell if your saddle was .5 cm too high or too low? I get antsy with changes much smaller than that.