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Anyone else get alot of H2O in their wheels on rainy rides?(2 posts)

Anyone else get alot of H2O in their wheels on rainy rides?Screaming Barfy
Jun 12, 2003 10:40 AM
When I got home last night after about 35mi in the rain I noticed that there was a good amount (2-3oz maybe?) of water in both of my wheels. I'm assuming this problem is unique to Ksyrium wheels (or those of similar construction) that have a "box-frame" as opposed to just the open rim. The water isn't in between the tube/tire but inside the actual wheel frame itself.

Anyone else run across a similar problem?

Any good solutions besides just dumping it out through the valve stem hole?
Forget About Itpeter in NVA
Jun 12, 2003 12:19 PM
Noticed quite a few posts lately on this topic due to the rainy weather here in the East. I put at least 2000 miles a year off road on my cyclocross bike and the wheels always fill with water, mud and gravel. I've never had a flat because of it...only pinch flats, and rarely clean them.
Ritchey Aero Pro and Mavic Open Pro wheels.

Roads bikes are tough...the original mountain bikes-its surprising how much they can take!