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Specialized Sequoia vs. Giant OCR Touring(2 posts)

Specialized Sequoia vs. Giant OCR TouringMDEnvEngr
Jun 12, 2003 6:38 AM
Being from the Rivendell school of bike-fit (but not necessarily the Rivendell school of retro-grouchiness), both of these bikes interest me. I'm looking for a quick and comfortable bike that will accept fenders and a rack. Used primarily for commuting, but also occasional longer road rides.

They both have their pros and cons in my book. just wanting to hear what some of you think about the two.

Or should I just build up a Atlantis or Romulus with STI shifters and be done with it? Or perhaps go down the street and have Peter Weigle build me one?

Thanks for any input.
two centsScot_Gore
Jun 12, 2003 7:15 AM
First off, for the price of option B, can't you just about get two options A's. If that's the case I'm not so sure it's a fair comparison. You know, Dodge Neon vs Saab 900 which should I get...Hmmmmmmmmmm

I think the OCR is built and positioned to appeal to a slightly more experience rider that knows a little about fit, is comfortable with road bike posture, and KNOWS they want a road bike (be it tour or sport). The Sequoia is design and positioned to appeal to the transition rider coming from comfort, MTB, or the couch. It's made to be able to provide either a comfort bike position or a road position. They'd both be fine choices. If it was me I'd pick the Sequoia because I think Specialzed did a good job blending comfort and road features and it comes in 3 component groups to give you some different price points.

My two cents.