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JFerraro............(2 posts)

Jun 12, 2003 5:25 AM
I've been looking online for ya but your never there. What, did you sell everything you own buy a Porsche 911 with a bike rack and are on the autobahn now with Allie and the boxer in the back testing out how much wind resistance 140mph puts on your OCLV :D

If so, call me and Kari and I will pack some shorts some sun block and and our bikes and be right over. Pick us up in Stuttgurt!

Im comn up to Vermont for 2 weeks for a wedding and I was wondering if you might want to ride if I swing in through Hartford? I don't know anywhere to ride there but I might go see familia there. Let me know what the end of June looks like for ya. I could sneak out for 2 days...unless of course you want to go to Burlington?
Hey, bud...jtferraro
Jun 12, 2003 12:48 PM
I know, I know...I haven't been on RBR much lately. I've been kinda busy w/work, my grad class, and trying to get a few car upgrades outta the way for my upcoming track event @Lime Rock (CT). On Tuesday morning they let 6 people go who work w/me. Fortunately, I wasn't one of them. They let us wait from late April, til' this past Tuesday, in agony! So, re: my car, my shocks are on their way out. They are the original stock, sport shocks and my car now has 84K miles. Since I track it w/the Northeast Audi quattro club, I decided it's time for a suspension upgrade, and have since ordered new shocks and springs. A friend was supposed to do the install this Friday (for free) but he leaves for Poland the next day and realized he really doesn't have time (which really stinks for me!). I've been calling around but can't justify spending $500 for the install just to have it ready for this 2 day high performance driving school/safety seminar. Now most of the dust is settling and I can get back on RBR. Speaking of which, I haven't been on my bike much at all, lately. I'm sooo sick of this crap weather...rain, cloudy, chances of thunderstorms, etc. I've only been biking to work (not every day) and I went inline skating last Friday night.

Your opening line was funny (bought a 911 w/bike rack, boxer in rear, testing wind resistance on the OCLV!). =) Very funny you mention Stuttgart b/c my sister is there. I must have told you that! Anyway, to tell you the truth, Allie & I plan to visit her soon, before she returns to the states, late this summer! Hell ya', I'd like to ride w/you. I know places to ride in the area and only plan to find more. Are you saying that you're back on the bike!?!? That is absoluetly TERRIFIC news, doood! I'm somewhat busy myself, actually w/weddings, too, this month. We have a wedding to go to on June 21st, then another one, which I'm actually in, on Friday the 27th (rehearsal) and Sat. the 28th! Other than that, I'm free. ;-) I read this (on the phone) to Allie and she said "YES,...let's go to Burlington".

Nice to catch up a bit,