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how to fend off dogs(14 posts)

how to fend off dogsyauk
Jun 11, 2003 7:25 AM
I usually out-sprint crazy farm country dogs who want to chase and bite cyclists, but sometimes I don't hear them/see till too late. I've heard about carrying sprays, but I feel bad about using it. Any advice/experience to share?
sprays are mean.Steve_0
Jun 11, 2003 7:35 AM
the dog is just exercising his instinct. Probably is even just playing. I dont think it's right to spray a dog for that. Having said that, of course, if the dog is using you as a chew-toy, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Except for wild dogs, yelling commands (bad, stay, stop) or even raising your arm (as if to hit him) will usually work. Calling the dogcatcher will certainly keep it from happening again.
Teeth are mean!jesse1
Jun 11, 2003 10:39 AM
Spraying a dog BEFORE you get bit makes a lot more sense than being laid up with: infection, torn muscle, torn tendon, blood loss - and don't forget the week or two of riding you'll miss and the expense of missing work and the doctor fees. Oh, and the time spent with a lawyer and in front of Judge Judy too!
Spray the dog. Save yourself. Deter the dog from coming after another person (a child?) as well.
Jun 11, 2003 11:47 AM
most of the time, the dog wont bite. Certainly if a growling, foaming rotty is running intercept, take the defensive (though I still say a few firm nines will stop him). But Ive been with plenty of guys who panic (and or become pi$$ed) because some lab or mutt gives chase.

Like I said, Hate to injure a dog who has no intention of harm
Sprays don't injure, just aggravate for about 30 minutes. [nm]niteschaos
Jun 11, 2003 1:39 PM
Jun 12, 2003 3:46 AM
vt c: to give pain to
re: how to fend off dogsbcm119
Jun 11, 2003 8:30 AM
First, stop pedaling. I find that usually dogs are most irritated by the circular motion of your feet. Thats why they always seem to nip your ankles. If they still pursue you, I recommend a loud, gruff roar- the best wild animal snarl noise you can make. This always seems to confuse/scare them, and then they just watch you pass with a bewildered look. It sounds silly- and if theres anyone around, you'll feel silly snarling back at a dog, but try it- it often works.
re: how to fend off dogsKlein_man
Jun 11, 2003 8:31 AM
Grab your watter bottle and give the dog a squirt in the eyes. If it doesn't stop 'em, it will at least slow 'em down for a second or two, giving you time to get away.
re: how to fend off dogsIronbutt
Jun 11, 2003 8:42 AM
I usually just yell "Get off of the couch!" as loudly as I can. Unless it's a feral dog, he will usually be so confused that he stops chasing me.
If you are into "experiments", then...PsyDoc
Jun 11, 2003 9:48 AM can do what I have been doing using some learning principles. There are two routes that I ride that have "country" dogs that just love to chase. So, I started carrying 1/2 of a dog biscut ("Old Roy" are the least expensive) and stopping at a particular point, typically the driveway or mailbox at the side of the road, and giving the biscuts to the dogs. Then, I begin slowing riding by, but tossing the biscuts at the same spot. Now, each time that I ride by, the dogs run to the spot where the biscuts are thrown and no longer chase me. Putting into action schedules of reinforcement, I do not throw them biscuts every time I ride by and vary the times that I do throw them. The dogs do not know when I will throw one and when I will not, so they always default to running and stopping at the "biscut" location and sniffing around.
"Get off the couch!"MrCelloBoy
Jun 11, 2003 10:37 AM
Try yelling this in a commanding voice.
Catches them off-guard often. Stops them in their tracks.
you have to sound convincing though.
I agree..... loud, repetitious commands has worked for mecoonass
Jun 12, 2003 5:05 AM
"Go home", "Get back", "Go back to the house" confuses 99% of the dogs....they recognize the commands, but your voice is not recognizable...Yell at them as though you are their Master..they virtually get a confused look on their faces...I read this, and it has been accurate so far: a quick observation of 'ears & tail up' generally(?) indicate a dog just running/chasing from natural instincts and means no harm (I hope Pet's World posts this on their bulletin board for all canines to read while shopping---remember: Rotts & Pitbulls can't read)....'ears & tail down' means he's looking for something to condition his teeth; in that case, only a 53x12 @ 85rpm will do the trick.
Eat BEANS. nmeschelon
Jun 11, 2003 1:24 PM
re: how to fend off dogsSkooter
Jun 11, 2003 11:57 PM
As the human dog bait, I feel I am a good canidate for this question. I have been bitten 5+ times and hate dog's when Im riding. Love em when Im not. Sprays get in the way and you usually get some on your self of buddy's which leads to someone being pissed. I prefer the bike pump pummel, self explanitory just hit em in the nose. I also use in extreem situations a bike dismount and block while attacking with the pump(again) and words like #@$% $%^%#. Also make sure you go after the owner. It makes you feel good!

Chow Skoots