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Which bike should I keep?(2 posts)

Which bike should I keep?johnnyd
Jun 11, 2003 6:10 AM
I own a 2001 Jamis Eclipse steel road bike and a 2003 aluminum Felt F4R. Both bikes were 'value buy' racing bikes--I got the Jamis with Ksyriums and full ultegra and the F4R is Felt's 'club level' racing frame(I put full ultegra on it too). I like them both fine and I can only keep one. I had always assumed i would keep the jamis because it is made out of steel and would last longer. But I don't know if this is the case given that it is probably made with really thin tubes. Will one of these frames clearly last longer than the other?
re: Which bike should I keep?Marketing Dept
Jun 11, 2003 9:09 AM
I think both bikes will last a life time, unless you:

A. Keep the steel bike in outside in the rain

B. Crash, in the event of a crash, The steel may come out in better (repairable) shape.

The important info missing is what kind of riding do you do. For all day comfort, without knowing the full spec's on either bike, the steel may be better suited. If you are racing and need the stiffness usually offered by aluminum, go with the Felt.

From my experience with Felt, they seem to focus more on racing than comfort.

But all things considered, I would vote to hang on to the Felt for racing or tri purposes.

Better yet, buy a larger house/appartment and get a third bike!!