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help with frame decision...(4 posts)

help with frame decision...dustin73
Jun 10, 2003 8:04 PM
i'm checking out frames for my next bike (SS/fixed) and have come to a dilemma concerning the 2 final frames;

Frame A w/ fork:
- $400
- funky blue color
- has some qwerks i don't like, but can live with (performance isn't altered)
- 4130
- could probably build it up without draining the bank
- considered disposable, given the price
- semi-compact geometry
- good company, in my eyes (i've got one of their mtbs and love it)

Frame B w/ fork:
- ~$1100
- whatever color i want
- custom
- lugged
- after frame and fork, i'd have to wait to build it up, or build it up over time.
- loooooong term purchase
- again, custom

Frame A - On-One Il Pompino

Frame B - Vanilla

i'm torn between whether or not i want to shell out the big cash for a gorgeous, custom frame that'll last a long ass time, or if i want to hold back and get a frame that isn't as glamorous, but works. also, the Il Pomp won't accept roadie brake calipers, so i'm not sure how well road levers would work with V brakes.

any thoughts?

also, i just realized Peyto prices were in well would an 853 Peyto compare to a Vanilla? once you start talking about custom frames, is there really that much difference, that isn't cosmetic?
I like a nice frame for a roadbike, for a ss/fixie...rwbadley
Jun 10, 2003 8:47 PM
I would lean toward the cheaper version tho'. My fixie generally gets miles piled up with somewhat less than complete maintenence.. hey, it's a simple bike.

On the other hand, I think between the two of them I would go with the Vanilla (if I could swing the money). I've heard good things about them, never seen one except in photos.

On the third hand, mull it over and do what you really want.

I've been really happy with twenty dollar garage sale specials, but a sweet (sometimes expensive) ride is... titz on a ritz
We don't know if you are a guy making $35K a yearelviento
Jun 11, 2003 8:23 AM
We don't know if you are a guy making $35K a year with wife and 3 kids, 2 of them at college age, or you are a signle yuppie making six figures; we don't know if cycling is your heart and soul, or it's just one of the sports you do that help you lose some weight... There are many similar questions.

When you are pondering over it for yourself, you already know all these circumstantial factors, but we don't, so it's hard to decide for you.
Jun 11, 2003 9:36 AM
i'm a college student in Austin, Tx with 4 bikes at the moment and little money;
T1 bmx
Specialized Allez
On-One Inbred SS
Evil Imperial FRHT
not sure whether or not to say cycling is my heart and soul, but if it helps, i'd much rather be wrenching at a shop earning minimum wage than going to school. i'd much rather be riding than studying. i'd much rather spend $20 on cable cutters than eating out. i'd much rather be happy, with my bikes, in a secluded part of Colorado than making $50,000 a year. losing weight is fine, i guess. don't really take it into consideration. my truck was broken into in October. the insurance money was used to buy Evil Imperial, rather than replace the 200 cds, head unit, and whatever else was stolen. i come here when i seek opinions, and have been for ~4 years. i'm selling off my road bike and bmx bike to build up a bike for "me" but i often times suffer from pre-"buyer's remorse."

that's a little about me...there's some more in that "Who are you" thread.