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Repair DuraAce ST770C shifter?(2 posts)

Repair DuraAce ST770C shifter?johnnybegood
Jun 10, 2003 9:08 AM
When the bike came to an abrupt halt against the stationary object the STUPID rider, who was looking back at the time, kept going. As I went over the handlebars my right thumb caught on the shifter cable and broke the plastic where the shifter cable exits. Shimano's exploded diagram shows the piece as part of an assembly called the "R.H. Outer Support Cap Unit". It is held on with a single screw. Unfortunately there is a spring right behind. My experience is that springs tend to jump out when I disassemble things and I never get them back together correctly. Does anyone know: 1.Is the part is available to the consumer? 2. Is it an easy fix? 3.If I can't fix it, could a good mechanic at the LBS do the repair and will it work right? OR 4. Do I have to buy a new set of shfiters? Signed, Will watch where I'm going from now on!
re: Repair DuraAce ST770C shifter?cycling6500
Jun 10, 2003 10:29 AM
You can get the part from It is ridiculously expensive. The spring will come out when you disassemble. Be very careful so that it will not snap out. It was not difficult to reassemble after I figured how to rotate the part in place with the spring in position. Be careful that you do not miss part #6 (Shimano's exploded view) when reassembled. The spring (part #7) has two ends. One end goes into the hole on the lever and the other end goes into the hole on that plastic piece where the shifter cable exits. After aligning the spring, you rotate the plastic piece in place.