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Interesting "bicycle table" in movie...(6 posts)

Interesting "bicycle table" in movie...ClydeTri
Jun 10, 2003 5:08 AM
Was watching a foreign movie, Talk to Her, the other night on dvd, came out a couple weeks ago. In a very early scene, first five minutes or so, there is a shot with a table in it. The table top is glass and approx waist high. The four "legs" are bicycle wheels with tires. They appear to be mounted to where they could spin in a circle. I mean both ways, both the wheels/tires turning as they would as your rode, but also turn as in turning them via the handlebars...very interesting look to that table..anybody else notice it?
just watched it...Fender
Jun 10, 2003 9:07 AM
and did not notice it.. DAMN!!! great movie though. The ending caught me completely off-guard. A little disturbing if you think about about it, but then again that's what makes a great movie, as opposed to summer "blockbusters" filled with special effects and lousy acting, i.e. The Matrix.
just watched it...ClydeTri
Jun 10, 2003 10:01 AM
Agree...very good forget you are having to read the dialogue and enjoying it. So far from the mind candy that is out there in theatres....
just watched it...Fender
Jun 10, 2003 10:12 AM
Actually my GF picked it. She's a huge Almodovar fan. We are both native Spanish speaker, so we had to turn off the subtitles because we found it too distracting (just like this site when I'm at work) ;)

Another good movie along the lines is "My life in Pink" French flick.. the ending will have an impact!!
is All About My MOther any good? nmClydeTri
Jun 10, 2003 12:10 PM
Great Film...Frith
Jun 10, 2003 2:20 PM
I have to admit I missed the table...straying OT...
My GF and I have been watching alot of Foriegn flicks ever since we saw "amelie". They are just so much better in general than the cookie cutter plots that fall off the hollywood assembly line. Here's a list of ones we've really enjoyed lately.
Amelie ...of course...anybody who hasn't seen it should.
Y Tu Mama Tambien...translates to "and your mother too" ...great film from mexico.
City of God....From Brazil...Awesome
Fat Girl...From france...Pretty good with a twist(ed) ending.
Sex and Lucia...Another spanish one sharing some of the same cast as Talk to her.
Monsoon Wedding...Fantastic Indian movie....
maybe we should start a thread in non-cycling I'd like to know some others to see.