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can I ride with bruised ribs I don't think I broke them (nm)(4 posts)

can I ride with bruised ribs I don't think I broke them (nm)ross
Jun 9, 2003 5:05 PM
You should see a Doctor to make sure you don't have a ...davet
Jun 9, 2003 7:24 PM
..partial pneumo-thorax, a detaching of the lung from the chest wall (also called a partially collapsed lung). If you don't, you can still ride but heavy breathing will be very difficult, as will sneezing, laughing, farting, coughing, they all will hurt like hell. Be careful!
Get checked outpitt83
Jun 10, 2003 5:03 AM
Rib / chest injuries are tricky. What feels OK one day can wake you up the next. A break is only diagnosed with X-rays. Even though treatment is likely the same (rest, ice, NSAIDS) with all injuries, you're better off getting good advice and heeding it.

PS: I pulled a muscle in my abdomen once; tought it was a hernia. Doc set me straight, but it meant 6 weeks of no hard efforts and only low intensity riding. I had fun those weeks and didn't miss the "balls to the wall" training. Could be a blessing in disguise if you're burning out.
Sure, depends on how much it hurts.Mel Erickson
Jun 10, 2003 5:31 AM
I've bruised my ribs twice in the past 1 1/2 months mountain biking, both on the right side. Two lower ribs first and then one upper rib. Takes about two weeks to heal (if you're my age) and can interfere with breathing. I find when you ride it tends to loosen up and feels better. Alternate ice and heat and take anti-inflamatories, don't sleep on that side (as if I have to remind you of that) and let mother nature take her course.