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newbie...reconsidering bike choice(5 posts)

newbie...reconsidering bike choiceBostonDave
Jun 9, 2003 10:53 AM
Last summer, I started cycling and purchased a 2001 Specialized Sirrus Comp. Lately, I'm working in about 3 20-mile rides/week, with maybe a 35-40 miler on the weekend. In certain situations, I can get the bike up to 35mph.

This bike is a the time, I wanted the flexibility to handle occasional urban assaults (Boston), potholes, etc., but now, I want speed and distance. After 35 miles, my thighs are killing me and I'm spent.

What are the main advantages I will gain by going to a real road bike? I'm not expecting magic--I know I need to work on my own stamina and strength a lot too--but what sorts of advantages will I get if I go for a real road bike? Also, I wonder how much of it is me...on a 20-mile ride, currently I can only average 15mph. I should probably be able to push that up a lot higher before I start thinking I've "outgrown" anything, right?
Hybrid bikes are not a replacement for road bikes...eschelon
Jun 9, 2003 11:33 AM
they are compromise machines...not quite road bikes...not quite mountain bikes...jack of all trades...master of none. If you want to go faster and longer, you get a road bike. I'd say right off the bat, you should be able to easily maintain 17.5 mph on your rides without breathing heavy.
Cyclocross bikes, however, can be a replacement for road bikes..nmbicyclerepairman
Jun 9, 2003 11:41 AM
re: newbie...reconsidering bike choicebcm119
Jun 9, 2003 3:10 PM
I wanted to give a quick warning about the above post... cyclocross bikes are not quite road bikes. I have a 'cross bike I commute on, and it feels alot different because of a higher bottom bracket, and slacker head angle. It does not have the sporty feel of a real road bike, despite being almost as efficient if you throw some 23c tires on it. They also tend to be a hair heavier/built stronger. They do make great commuters/city bikes, but it sounds like your Cirrus already serves that purpose.
The bottom line is that a road bike will be a little more efficient, but a LOT more fun to ride. Its the difference between driving a Suburu and a Porsche 911.
re: newbie...reconsidering bike choiceKoolaideprived
Jun 9, 2003 4:39 PM
I resemble that last remark!! FYI, a SubAru can be just as exciting as a Porsche. The STI in fact competes quite well :) (This post is all in fun)