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Litespeed Tuscany owners: Tell me about your bike!(6 posts)

Litespeed Tuscany owners: Tell me about your bike!AaronL
Jun 9, 2003 10:33 AM
Thoughts, good and bad.

I like mine alot...PdxMark
Jun 9, 2003 10:45 AM
The ride is smooth and comfortable, but it is stiff enough to climb efficiently and well. I have it equipped with Campy Chorus, which I like alot too. The sizing of the bike fits me well. Since I'm a recreational rider who likes reasonable hard 50-100 mile rides, and some longer ones, it's a very good choice for me. I'm 5'10", 165#.

If you have other riding styles in mind (hardcore racing), there are probably better bikes out there for the money. Likewise, the fit could be a factor. For me, it has cured me of high-end bike lust for the past couple years. I'm very happy with it.
Jun 9, 2003 11:07 AM
But as much as I like it, it's sitting quietly in my basement while I ride my cheapie Bianchi fixie... woohoo!
I liked itFez
Jun 9, 2003 11:16 AM
To me, a perfect blend of a comfortable but firm ride.

Did plenty of hills and it felt plenty stiff, but definitely not harsh.

If you ride a lot for fun, it is a great bike.

If you are a hardcore racer, there may be marginally lighter and faster bikes out there. But a great bike nonetheless.
Jun 9, 2003 12:38 PM
I recently bought a new old stock 55 cm 2001 Tuscany frame from one of the forum sponsors. Built it up myself using mostly Dura Ace components and a Supergo Weyless carbon fork. The Wayless forks are virtually identical to the Litespeed branded Litetec fork, sans the faux titanium meshing.

Overall, I like the frame but have experienced a fair number if annoying quirks. For example, front head tube was not faced properly causing a click noise from the headset/fork. Facing properly fixed the problem. Next annoyance is a tic noise from the rear end of the frame when sprinting. Changed every part on the frame trying to trace the problem but never fix it entirely – realigning the rear dropouts reduced the incident 50% but did not eliminate it.

As far as riding the frame is concern, it's great. The frame is very "medium" in terms of bottom bracket stiffness, vertical ride quality, front end stiffness, and basic geometry/steering response. I weigh 160 lbs. so take my opinion with a grain of salt if you are significantly heavier/lighter.

Bottom line is that the Tuscany is a nice frame but LS quality can be spotty at times. Make sure your dealer can deal with and problems that may come up.

Good luck.

re: Litespeed Tuscany owners: Tell me about your bike!rsorganize
Jun 9, 2003 6:57 PM
Recently bought new/old stock 2001 frame (59cm) and fork (Reynold Ouzo). Moved up from a Cannondale R600. Ultegra triple, Kestrel carbon handlebars, Velomax Orion Comp wheels, Vittoria Open Corsa tires, new Shimano Ultegra pedals and, oh yes, a Brooks Team Pro saddle. So far...great! Am 6', 220, 54 years old. Recreational, not racer. Am getting exactly what I was looking for: maybe 2mph faster, climbing much easier, less stress on my body. Came to road biking pretty late and this seems like the perfect bike to maximize experience and enjoyment.